Hi, I’m Christina. And I’m here to help you build a life and business with soul. 

Christina Giordano Consulting, LLC launched in 2013 as a do-it-all marketing agency for those looking to get the word out about their business. Over the years, I worked with agencies, private clients, and larger organizations – helping them utilize the modern tools of entrepreneurship available to them. I’ve hosted and taught at workshops, training seminars, and large-scale events. I’ve touched almost every area a marketing consultant could touch in order to gain the experience and knowledge to be informed with the kind of business mine would eventually evolve into and become. As time went by, and as I became more aligned, I was itching to create something new, something different, something more soulful.

In 2020, I upleveled my spiritual practice more than ever before. I strengthened my connection to my higher self and received the messages I needed in order to transition and pivot my business. Now, I help people from every walk of life rediscover and remember their calling.. What I do is business building on a soul level. I help you realign with your true self so that you can identify your desired life, your soul power, and your message for the world. My goal is to help you become happier, freer and more aligned so that you can live the life and have the business of your dreams.

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When I was a little girl, I believed in magic. 

I regularly had this feeling that I was magical, powerful and intuitive. I was incredibly spiritual. I felt connected to nature, to all living things, and I had a profound wisdom about love and kindness. 

But then the world changed me. 

I became anxious, fearful and paranoid. I allowed negative inferences, experiences and what other people told me about myself to be my truth. I became more of a people pleaser, dismissing all of my boundaries for the sake of being accepted by others. I held my tongue when I was told what to think and how to act, regardless of whether or not it felt right to me. I was silenced and made small. 

The saddest part about this story is that it is like so many others. 

As I grew up, through adolescence and through my young adult years, I continued down the path that I thought was mine. I became a perfectionist, fearful of stepping out of line or losing control. I worked only for money, reputation, and recognition. I was constantly aware of how I was being perceived and therefore made every effort to come off as flawless. I had tremendous anxiety about being accepted. The job I had for 5 years after college produced so much stress in my life that I would regularly get sick. I was hospitalized once because of it. I regularly received more promotions and more money, but inside, I felt myself becoming less. It wasn’t until 2012 that I felt something had to change before I acknowledged that something had to change. 

When I started my business in 2013, I had just begun my journey into wellness. Over the years I made continuous and small adjustments to my lifestyle and my mindset. I experimented with different modalities, diets and treatments. I started to meditate. My business took off right away, as I had made a lot of contacts in my previous job that transitioned into clients. However, because I was new at this, I offered loads of services and pursued every lead I got, whether or not it was aligned. I didn’t always love the work or the clientele, but I gained a tremendous amount of experience. Now, over 7 years later, I know exactly the kind of work that I like, the kind of work that I dislike, and the kind of work that sets my soul on fire. 

What I’ve realized over the years is that true happiness does not come from money earned, notoriety gained, or even recognition for achievements. I measure my happiness, and therefore my success, by how peaceful, aligned and grateful I feel in my life. My truth matters. My message matters. But nothing matters more than living life on my own terms, in a way that serves others and teaches others how to do the same. 

My business has evolved from a marketing agency to a consultancy that teaches others how to remember their calling and bring it to life. I help people from every walk of life rediscover and remember their purpose, through a variety of systems, but within a 3-part framework that I developed involving consciousness, clarity and conviction. What I do is business building on a soul level. I help you connect with your higher self so that you can identify your desired life, your soul power, and your true message from the work that you were meant to do in this life. 

As a result, I’m happier, freer, and more aligned and empowered than ever. And I’m guiding others along the same path of consciousness, clarity and conviction. 

Now, as I’ve gotten older and wiser, with a family of my own, and through aligning my career with myself, I remember things. I remember the magic that the little girl within me felt. (I tell her every day that I have her back and I’m all she needs.) I’m more spiritually connected now more than ever and I’m remembering the wisdom that I came here with. My bottom line has evolved. And that is what I hope for you too – that you believe in your magic (and yourself) again. 

April Neukam, Physical Therapist

A colleague highly recommended Christina as I wanted to grow and promote my business. I cannot express enough my satisfaction with the work that she has done for me. She quickly presented me with a marketing plan, several options for my logo, and began work on developing my website. She was very patient, understanding, and professional in making sure that I was completely satisfied with the final outcome.

Norman Rice, VP of Marketing at Bake425

Christina has done an outstanding job increasing our visability in the digital/social media realm. Christina got us up to speed quickly and put us in contact with the right group of bloggers and community influencers. She also “held our hands” explaining best-in-class tactics to improve our reach. The results speak for themselves.