My Birthday Blog – This is 35

My June 21st birthday message to you…

If there’s one thing, one piece of soul-powered inspiration that I would share with you over and over again… one message that comes from my heart and epitomizes all of the knowledge and experience that brought me to where I am today… one thing, just one, it would be this:

Stay true to you. 

Some of us don’t know what that means. 

Some of us don’t know where to start. 

Some of us may think “duh!” And others may be like, “huh?”

But, just for a moment, really consider it. 

Is what you are doing, who you are being, and how you are living truly aligned with what you WANT to be doing, who you WANT to become, and how you WANT to live?

We put things off. We wait. We say we’re not ready. We take into account other people’s thoughts, opinions, beliefs. We say “one day.” We think we have all the time in the world.

Right now is all we’ll ever have. The present moment is all we’ll ever have to do, be, and live. 

I’ve spent the better part of my life going through the motions of the day-to-day, waking up to the same routine, then rushing, rushing, rushing through the day, without a conscious thought of why, just to fall asleep and do it all again the next day. 

Until I took a moment to really check in with myself and ask, “Is this truly aligned?”

Here’s the truth: the only person who can tell you that you are aligned is you.

What might be aligned with one person may not be aligned with you. What may be true to someone else, may not be true to you. 

So how do you start being true to you?

I created a practical approach to this whole idea of alignment – one that takes into account the only thing that matters when it comes to alignment: you. 

The L.I.F.E. Method helps you identify your desired lifestyle, identity, feelings and expression, so that you can create your desired reality. 

My birthday wish is to get the method into as many hands as possible. Of course it will take some time, but you can help. Who can you send this to? Who can you share this with?

Imagine the kind of world we’d be living in if people approached their own lives with this type of consciousness and clarity. Imagine if more people built and designed their lives with intention.

That’s the kind of world I dream of every day. 

Because this is how you stay true to you. 

Download the free preview here:

You Are Just One Pivot Away

You Are Just One Pivot Away

This season of life is asking me to re-align and pivot in ways I never thought possible.

And lately, while I’m in the midst of running the pilot program of The Soul-Powered Business Program, I’m also taking the space I need to ensure that its curriculum, delivery and experience is in alignment with my vision for it.

…And to pivot once again towards greater alignment, towards greater living. 

This is the wonderful thing about entrepreneurship – you get to decide exactly what you want your day-to-day to look like. You get to decide what you want to talk about, teach about, share about, post about, etc. 

And if you’re doing it right – being mindful and conscious of where you are and where you’re going – you are always one pivot away from a greater life. 

But here’s the thing: the only person who can tell you if you’re aligned is you. 

If you haven’t clarified your desired lifestyle, identity, feelings, expression, then this is the missing piece you need. This is what will inform your next move, your next pivot. This is what will get you closer to your desired reality – being in 100% alignment with who you are and who you want to be. 

A free preview version of The L.I.F.E. Method is available HERE.

And an accessible, e-learning-only version of my methods will be available very soon. Stay tuned. 

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Re-Aligning for Even More Ease

Re-Aligning for Greater Ease

In a previous blog post, I talked about the energy of alignment – and that once you commit to living your life in an aligned way, there are energies around you that protect that alignment. I’m currently in a state of actively re-aligning.

It’s kind of like being in the late third trimester of pregnancy… when you’re reconfiguring your environment and way of living to prepare for this new life. 

After the initial launch of my Soul-Powered Business Program, I realized that there are still some elements that weren’t entirely in alignment with how I want the program to run on its own and also with how I want my members to consume it. 

This doesn’t require going back to the drawing board. It simply requires pivots.

Alignment is, more often than not, a series of pivots you make in an effort to become one with your soul – for how you want to live, be, work and show up for it all. 

A few questions I’m asking myself are:

  • How can I bring members from point A to point B even faster and in a simpler way?
  • How can I bring more joy and fun into the experience of moving from point A and point B?
  • How can I help people truly enjoy the pivot? How can I embody the joy of pivoting myself?

It really all comes down to ease. Re-aligning to ease is what I am currently moving through.

Are you embracing ease in your business, and if not, what kind of pivots do you need to make so that you can?

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Rest Is Productive

Rest is Productive

Rest is productive. This is something that I have known to be true for quite some time but have only recently decided to put fully into practice.

You see, it’s easy (especially for a Type-A-Recovering-Perfectionist like me) to get caught up in being consistent for the sake of consistency. 

Maybe that’s how it used to be. Show up constantly and consistently until you get the results that you want to see. 

The world is changing though. A new, more enlightened, more refreshing approach to building business is manifesting all around us. 

And we’ve been brought here to give ourselves and others the permission to put their hearts first and at the center of it all. 

That means before we think about it, we’ve gotta “feel” about it. 

(Yes, I know that sentence doesn’t really work but hear me out!)

I used to think through (aka strategize) everything. I’d plan, plot and overthink my way through pretty much everything in life, including my business. I did it all even if it didn’t feel right, even if I didn’t feel like doing it. 

With my most recent launch, there were elements of my program that I wasn’t fully aligned with, and consciously or not, I still allowed myself to be influenced by the coaching/consulting community to create an offering that fit into the current model that is considered “standard” out there.

And thankfully, this new type of energy is protective. It helps you re-align so that you can create something in tune with what your heart longs to create in their world. 

And so, that is what I’m currently doing. I’m feeling my way through everything I do, say and share. Instead of doing, I’m in a state of being (of seeing, sensing, breathing, moving) with my heart.

Yes, it’s a little scary and unnerving for someone like me.

But it’s also totally wonderful. 

So what has come from my restful state?

>>> A more aligned approach to the next chapter

>>> Greater clarity in my next steps

>>> Full faith in what’s to come 

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You’ll Never Have it All Figured Out

You'll Never Have it All Figured Out

“I just have to get this figured out and then I can finally: (fill in the blank.)” How many times have you thought this in the course of your life?

Whatever it is that we are focusing on (be it parenthood, health, marriage, relationships, business, spirituality, etc.), there’s a desire to “figure it out” before we can finally: start the thing, take an action, change a behavior, be more present, take a break, the list goes on…

What I’ve come to realize is that for me, have it “figured out” often translates to: Let me put as much thought and energy and action into something so that I can have full control of the outcome and bypass any challenge or setback that comes my way. Sounds exhausting? Yes, yes it is. 

But what if instead of figuring it out, you believed life was figuring it out for you… *Queue the jaw drops, shutters, shakes, WHAT THE and HELL NAH vibes.* I hear you. That’s what I thought too. Until I realized that’s part of what I’m meant to teach you.

There’s a magical element to marketing that nobody talks about because nobody truly releases the pressure valve enough to embrace the emptiness that “figuring it out” fills up. I attempted to teach it through a “soul-powered” approach, but then God said, “nah, bigger.”

The approach might look different, but the methods stay the same. And they will soon be available in a self-study-only format. Because the vibe is you doing the dang thing in your time on your own timeline. 

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Stop Trying to Fit In When You Already Belong

Stop Trying to Fit In When You Already Belong

The difference between me and most marketing consultants is that I’m not trying to teach you how to fit in. I’m teaching you that you already belong. 

Yes, I can come up with killer campaigns. Yes, I can innovate all the livelong day. Yes, I can come up with some  really great sellable and scalable ideas. But I don’t need to prove my greatness. I want to bring out yours.  

You already have everything you need within you to show up for your business. You are already “soul-powered” – maybe you just need to connect with it, clarify it and finally commit to what you know in your heart. 

How many times have you altered your program or strategy or promo beecause you were influenced by someone else’s? 

How many times have you not said or not expressed something because you were afraid of what someone might think?

How many times have you inauthentically showed up because that’s what you thought you were supposed to do?

It’s about time we got back to the truth and the root of who we are and why we do what we do. 

You don’t have to show up like so-and-so to get leads. You don’t have to do “all the things” to get results. You don’t have to do anything that doesn’t feel aligned to be seen.

(And the people who tell you the opposite of this are most likely doing things that are out of alignment with what they themselves desire too.)

The problem is that we are so pressured to fit in. We allow all the best practices and old conventions and “shoulds” get stuck in our heads and then subsequently wander away from what we know in our hearts.

What if it was safe for you to do things your way? What would you do differently?

Start there.

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The New Way to Market Yourself

The New Way to Market Yourself

There’s a new kind of marketing I want you to embrace… a new way to market yourself.

The kind that’s rooted in love. 

Instead of a fear-based marketing approach, (which is still running rampant amongst business owners and taught within the marketing community), I’m here with a new way.

It’s actually the foundational principle of my L.O.V.E. Method – the last and final method of the Soul-Powered Business Program. 

Because I’m just sick of people telling you that you’re incapable. 

I want to show you what’s possible. 


But because you already have everything within you – right now, as you are – to build the life and business of your dreams. 

Marketing should be empowering. It should be fun. It should be uplifting and expansive. 

The only reason people are afraid to market themselves is because they’ve been taught that scaring others into buying is the only way to make a buck. 

In my opinion, it’s the thing that keeps you stuck. 

The way forward is love. The way up is faith. And fear has no place there. 

…At least if I have anything to do with it. 

The Soul-Powered Business Program first launch specials expire THIS FRIDAY. The kick-off call is at 9:30am on the 6th. See you there?

The Soul-Powered Approach: The Only Investment that Matters

The Soul-Powered Approach: The Only Investment that Matters

The soul-powered approach to business is the only one worth investing in. Because it’s based entirely on YOU.

You are quite literally investing in who you are at a soul level and relying on THAT to build a business you can’t wait to wake up to.

You’re not investing in anyone else’s pathway to success. You’re investing in your own. You’re investing in your very own essence, your inner knowing, your innate wisdom, your past, your present, your future. You’re investing in every piece and part of you that makes you, well, you.

Because you are magic. You are made of the stuff of stars. There has never been nor will there ever be another YOU on this planet. Why not give it all you’ve got now? Aren’t you tired of wondering if and when it will ever be your time to shine?

With the soul-powered approach, you will never have to wonder that ever again. Because you will just know. You will just start shining.

I created the soul-powered approach so that any kind of entrepreneur out there can apply the method to their own lives and businesses. What you get out of it is going to be entirely different from the next person. It’s going to be entirely different from what I get out of it myself. 

And the true magic behind the soul-powered approach is that it seeps into every area of your life. It’s not just about your business. Nothing ever is. It’s about living, actually *living* – having, doing, experiencing, and loving it all. That’s what it means to be soul-powered.

When you’re soul-powered, you’re not just in it. You’re not just surviving. You’re not just here for a good time.

You’re exploding. 

You’re becoming a version of yourself that you never thought possible so that you can create a reality for yourself that you never thought attainable. This is about you, 2.0. Next level you. Next level business. Soaring, skyrocketing, however you want to fly. You’re doing it all – your way – the ONLY way – that gives you meaning, purpose, and out-of-this-world fulfillment. 

What else could be more worth it than that?

For more info about the program, CLICK HERE.

Enrollment Is Open: The Soul-Powered Business Program

The Soul-Powered Business Program

Let’s talk about an affliction I see so often in big-hearted business owners… I like to call it: The Business Burnout Bug 

And it’s a nasty one.


  • Fumbling around… chasing one shiny thing after the next… looking for all the answers outside of themselves…
  • Chronic fatigue… from flailing, spinning your wheels, doing all the things, wondering if you’re doing it right…
  • Imposter syndrome bouts… “how dare I be so great and shine so bright!?”
  • Comparisonitis attacks… “they do it & say it so much better though…”
  • Confusion… “why is entrepreneurship working out for everyone but me?”
  • Stuck in inaction… you’ve tried everything and don’t know where to turn next…
  • Moments of self-doubt and hopelessness…
  • Weakness of the faith muscle…

Causes (varies):

  • Cultural: Seldom focus on inspiration. 
  • Environmental: Constant beratement of limiting narratives and distractions. The pathological need to start something new but never see it through. 
  • Social: The desire to be liked. To conform. The need to prove your worth through what you know, rather than who you are. The rampant use of an outdated, broken approach to marketing. 
  • Biological: Overthinking. Analysis paralysis. Driven by the need to control.

Treatment: The Soul-Powered Business Program

A new way to market yourself that is led entirely by your soul. Powered by 3 practical and straightforward methods that help you discover, define and *decide* how you will show up, be seen and shine. Supported with over a dozen supplemental lessons. Accompanied by as many workbooks and bonus resources. Backed by a community of soul-powered entrepreneurs. Fortified through live calls with your soul-powered guide: me. 

No filler. No fluff. Just what you need to create the transformation within yourself and your business AND start building momentum NOW.

And it opens for enrollment TODAY. 

These premiere launch specials expire FOREVER on May 6:

  • Get a 1-hour 1:1 Session with Christina to be used in May 2022
  • Get a homepage review & analysis of your website by Christina in May 2022
  • Get interviewed by Christina in her Soul-Powered Series on IG
  • Submit a blog post to be featured here in the Soul-Powered Scoop 

Click here for more info!

Why You’ve Gotta Chase the Dream, Instead of the Dollar

Why You’ve Gotta Chase the Dream, Instead of the Dollar

When I started my business journey back in June of 2013, I just did what I thought I was supposed to do. I thought I was chasing the dream! And so I hustled… I chased every client, and I offered every service – whether or not those clients and services were aligned with who I wanted to work with and what I wanted to provide. 

What I was really chasing was the dollar, and I got the dollar.

But I never got the dream… of peace, fulfillment, satisfaction, ease and joy.

I became burnt out, resentful, sick and tired… and then sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I didn’t like my day-to-day schedule. I didn’t like my business model. I didn’t like my marketing strategy. I didn’t like how I was showing up for my business, because it didn’t feel like I was showing up as ME or FOR me at all. I almost quit. Almost.

Instead, I prayed: “Please show me a better way.”

Years later, I’m here to show you the better way.

It all starts with The L.I.F.E. Method.

This method helps you define how to show up in business, in a way that is aligned with who you are and what you desire.

Here’s the truth: you are co-creating your life with all the powers that be. (God, the Universe, Spirit, etc.) And, your desires have been put within you for a reason.

If you want to experience change in any area of your life, especially your business, you have to do *your* part in showing up differently for it, beginning with yourself.

How you show up is determined by what you want to *embody* and in coordination with The L.I.F.E. Method, that means defining your desired Lifestyle, Identity, Feelings and Expression.

You’ve got nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain…

CLICK HERE to download the free method…

…And dream big.