The beginning to entrepreneurship is the hardest part. You have a passion and a purpose, but you don’t know where to start.

You’re scared of failing.

You’re afraid of missing out on opportunities.

You’re nervous about putting yourself out there in the online world.

Every entrepreneur experiences this.

I’ve experienced it myself, when I first launched my business, and then again when I changed the direction of my service offerings.

I began as a full-service marketing company, with the goal of developing and implementing marketing strategies for small businesses. I functioned essentially as a small marketing agency. I made ends meet, but I didn’t experience the success I truly desired, and I started to notice that I felt more passionate about some services more than others.

I was becoming complacent and feeling “stuck” in my career. I asked myself: “If I were my own client, what would I do?”

After lots of research, a few online business programs, and several marketing plans later, I developed a formula for starting and revitalizing a business that can impact any modern entrepreneur.

I changed my website, marketing approach, service offerings, packages, and marketing campaigns, putting my voice, my spirit, and my self at the forefront of everything. It was life changing. I’ve never felt more authentic. And, my business has never been more profitable.

Luckily, I’ve been able to package the way I launched and grew my business in a way that works for other soulful, conscious, and big-hearted entrepreneurs.

I’ll show you how to build your business and grow it as you – a unique, talented entrepreneur the world needs.


My consulting package includes:

  • Weekly consulting sessions covering everything you need to thrive in your business
  • Implementation services as necessary. I can help you design your email template or build an entire marketing plan that you can work from.
  • Unlimited email access throughout our engagement.
  • Access to all of my resources, worksheets, trainings and more.

This package will help you gain clarity and insight, feel more powerful and confident, and build a better business model with stronger marketing plans. Each week you will take the practical steps necessary to ultimately revitalize your business and be the best entrepreneur you can be.

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