It’s time to stop making marketing so complicated.


As big-hearted entrepreneurs, our passion is in what we sell. But too often, entrepreneurs have the right business ideas with no way of promoting them. They spend countless hours researching the latest marketing tactics, spinning their wheels trying to figure it all out. Their lack of marketing savvy stands between them and a thriving business. 


However, despite what you may think or how distraught you may feel, your clients want your services. The problem? They don’t know you exist. 


Through this program’s proven strategies, marketing your business has never been so easy.

In only 6 weeks you can…..

  • Gain 100% Control of Your Marketing
  • Attract Better Clientele
  • Have Stronger Professional Relationships
  • Make More Money
  • Increase your Confidence in Selling
  • Start to Make a Great Living Doing What You Love


EMPOWERED MARKETING is a 6-week consulting program that teaches smart, honest and effective online marketing strategies that you will be able to implement on your own, and in an authentic way that feels natural to you.

In just 6 weeks, you will finally be able to market your own business with confidence.

However, this isn’t the type of program that you will do by yourself. I will be there with you, working with you directly via phone or video chat once during each segment, and via email as often as you’d like.

Throughout the program, you will gain the tools, skills, and insight to become a master of your own marketing. I will work with you every week providing suggestions and strategies that you can implement in order to integrate everything you learn from the program into your business.

The goal is that you will feel empowered to work with these strategies that will ultimately fuel your profits, your purpose and your passion.  


This program is for conscious, soulful, big-hearted entrepreneurs that want to either launch a business or change the way they market their current business to reach better (and more!) clientele and achieve higher profits.

Whether you are an action-oriented, ambitious beginner, or already successful but want to grow your audience and revenue online, this is the program for you. This program is perfect for service-based professionals, such as coaches, consultants, agents and practitioners. Some technology experience is recommended!

The program works if you put in the work. It’s all about putting your marketing in your own hands. Just like any educational course, you have to commit to the lessons, the homework and the one-to-one call times. If you’re not ready to put in the time and effort to learning and implementing new techniques, systems and strategies, this program may not be suitable for you. If this is the case, I suggest you take a look at my consulting services. 


New trainings are delivered at the beginning of each week via email and consist of lessons, worksheets, and any necessary resource lists you need in order to complete them in time for our weekly call, which typically takes place near the end of the week.

During each week, you can reach me at any time via email, but you will be completing the worksheets on your own. The consulting calls are reserved for questions, worksheet review, and strategy planning. During these calls, we will begin to integrate the lessons and worksheet material into your business.

Please note: A 6-week format is the most recommended time-frame for you to learn, strategize and develop effective online marketing strategies for your business within the shortest period of time. However, if weekly sounds too overwhelming, or if it doesn’t fit your schedule, no problem. We can work at your speed, whether it is bi-monthly or monthly, as long as the program is completed within six months.


Meet Christina Giordano

A savvy marketer with a dream of revolutionizing the marketing consulting industry and a goal to empower others to take their marketing into their own hands.

All too often, confident, capable entrepreneurs have business dreams that can help others and change the world, but they lack the marketing knowledge and skills required to make it a reality.  That’s where I come in. I will arm you with the tools, strategies and resources required for you to do it all yourself – in a way that not only saves you time, but makes you more money.

I have a deep commitment to those that want to consciously and authentically make a difference. My passion is to help you build the business you desire and deserve.

How would your life be different once you have more money, more time, and more confidence in your business?


  • Pre & Post Consultations (At the Start & End of the Program)
  • 6 Segments Packed with Lessons & Worksheets (Scroll Down for Program Schedule & Topics)
  • 6 1-Hour One-on-One Consultations for Each Segment
  • Bonuses:
    • 14 Free Additional Tutorials & Resource Lists (Scroll Down for Bonus Schedule & Topics)
    • A Free 1-Hour One-on-One Live Training on a Marketing Platform of Your Choice (Choose from Social Media, Email Marketing or any other Marketing-Related Platform!)
    • A Free 1-Hour One-on-One Check-In Consultation 6-Months After You Complete the Program
    • Free Access to New Program Material Every Year – Since Marketing Is Always Changing!

100% Control of Your Marketing

Better Clientele and Stronger Professional Relationships

More Money and Higher Profits

The Ability and Confidence to Sell

The Opportunity to Make a Great Living Doing What You Love

  • Keep in mind that your results will vary based on your level of effort, business acumen and many other factors. This is not a “get rich quick scheme.” It takes time, effort and dedication. In other words, results aren’t guaranteed. However, not only am I here to provide expert advice, but also to help you stay on track and keep you accountable. I believe that I can provide you with a great toolbox that will help you achieve your desired results over the next six weeks and into the future.

Check out…


Pre-Consultation > In the pre-consultation call, we will talk about where you are now, your overall goals, what you want to change and where you want to go. This will lay the groundwork for the program and your journey through it. We’ll talk about the big picture, and we’ll set up the program schedule, call dates, and more.

Segment 1: Planning Your Strategy > Who will you serve? How will you stand out?

  • Discover your exact ideal customer and learn to think like them.
  • Position yourself by selling outcomes, rather than services.
  • Find out your strengths and what makes you unique.
  • Create your unique selling proposition.
  • Map out how your services and/or products will revolutionize the industry.
  • Outshine the competition by simply making them irrelevant.

Segment 2: Building Your Website > How do you make your website as effective as possible? How can you convert leads into buyers?

  • Learn which website platform is right for you.
  • Find out exactly what your technical capabilities are when it comes to website design and development.
  • Uncover your website objectives and how they will convert leads to sales.
  • Tap into what your ideal customer wants to see, read and experience on your website.
  • Understand everything you need to make your website successful.
  • Analyze your website’s effectiveness with a simple yet comprehensive checklist.

Segment 3: Customizing Your Offerings > How will you package your services? How can you position your offerings in a way that maximizes sales and profits?

  • Enhance your service offerings in a way that makes your customers’ lives easier, more convenient and more joyful.
  • Come up with “outside of the box” solutions that will sell your services at rapid-fire speed.
  • Create a Before/During/After strategy to promote customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Learn how to position, price and deliver your services in a way that builds loyal and raving fans.
  • Understand why discounts are unnecessary and potentially damaging (except under a few circumstances).
  • Set your prices at numbers that feel great and make financial sense.

Segment 4: Communicating Your Message > How can regular content and consistent, effective communication increase your sales?

  • Get familiar with the pros of content marketing and how you can integrate it into your business.
  • Develop a strategic plan to stay connected with your audience.
  • Generate content ideas and develop a 3-month content calendar.
  • Understand the value of SEO in content marketing and how to integrate it into your plan.
  • Write irresistible headlines that gather clicks, conversions and could even go viral.
  • Offer value and insight directly related to what you are selling through content.

Segment 5: Reaching Your CustomersHow will you tap into your market? In what ways can you generate leads right at this very moment?

  • Find out why opt-ins on your website optimize and expedite success.
  • Create a smart, effective and winning opt-in offer for your website.
  • Learn why email marketing is the most essential and profitable strategy for your marketing plan.
  • Develop an email marketing plan with specific methods to promote your business.
  • Generate leads immediately and at no cost to you.
  • Explore 25 free list building strategies.

Segment 6: Marketing Your Business > What will your marketing plan entail? What new and innovative marketing initiatives can you try?

  • Become more comfortable with marketing and find out why and how you can become a phenomenal (and ethical!) marketer.
  • Consider 20 additional and effective marketing strategies that you can try right now.
  • Learn 4 research-driven pricing strategies to add to your marketing toolbox.
  • Create or enhance your current pricing strategies to sell better.
  • Get the best formatting formula that can be used for a PR pitch or a sales letter.
  • Write headlines and copy that makes traffic click.

Post-Consultation > In the post-consultation call, we will review what we have accomplished together so far and map out an implementation plan for any remaining work that needs to be done. This will be your new marketing plan. The plan will include action items and a customized schedule based on your availability to execute them.  


“Since completing the Empowered Marketing program, my acupuncture practice has tripled in business sales. I have also been able to publish articles and speak at events. I have been able to apply the concepts and create the life I want.” -Jessica, Acupuncturist


“At first, I thought I was too busy for the program. The program itself is very comprehensive, but Christina was there to help me avoid overwhelm and stay on schedule. My personal income has increased over 300% and I love all of my clients. If you put in the work, the potential outcomes are limitless.” -Katie, Real Estate Agent


“As a mother to three, and a business on the side, I now have more time than ever for the things that matter in my life. Christina helped me launch an e-course that went from 50 enrollments to over 250 within 6 months. This program gave me the freedom I’ve been longing for.” -Marie, Health Coach


Get a sneak peek…


Segment 1: Planning Your Strategy

  • Business Management Resources (Tools for Accounting, Human Resources, Communication, Workflow, and more!)
  • Design & Branding Resources (Recommendations for DIY Graphic Design and Designer Referrals)

Segment 2: Building Your Website 

  • Website Resources (Free Themes & Plugins, Testing & Analytics, Recommended Platforms for Registration, Hosting, Security, and more!)
  • WordPress Training Guide (Step-by-step instructions to get you started in WordPress)
  • Squarespace Training Guide (Step-by-step instructions to get you started in Sqaurespace)
  • Getting Started with Analytics (Set Up Google Analytics & Learn How to Use It)
  • Getting Started with SEO (Get Found on Google with Simple & Effective SEO Strategies)

Segment 3: Customizing Your Offerings

  • Customer Support Resources (Tools for Live Chat, Relationship Management, Surveys, and more!)

Segment 4: Communicating Your Message

  • Content Resources (Tools for Content Software, Video Editing, Presentations, Webinars, Project Management, and more!)

Segment 5: Reaching Your Customers

  • List Building Resources (Tools for Email Marketing, Influencer Relations, Advertising, and more!)
  • Opt-Ins 101 (A Technical Training about How Opt-Ins Function)

Segment 6: Marketing Your Business

  • Business Marketing Resources (Recommendations for Automation, Copywriting, E-Commerce and more!)
  • Social Media Resources (Tools for Scheduling, Engagement, Growth, and more!)
  • Getting Started with Facebook Ads (Grow a highly targeted list of subscribers using inexpensive Facebook Ads for your business – FAST.)
  • Getting Started with Social Media (Learn how to build a sustainable social media plan that won’t get in the way of running your business.)
  • PR 101 (Learn what you need before pitching to media, how to find media that want to interview you, and deliver high-converting interviews.)



Is it too expensive? What are better clients, more money, more confidence and peace of mind worth?

Are you too busy? Work smarter, not harder. I will teach you systems and practices that will save you both time and money, and they will even boost your productivity.

You’re just not sure? If you lack clients, confidence and the profits you desire, this program is for you.

Plus >> I’m offering a free 15-minute chat to answer your questions and see if the program is right for you. Contact me and we’ll set up a call soon!

Schedule Your Free 15-minute Chat


I believe this program can be a true game changer for you.

I created this program because I want to show entrepreneurs what marketing consultants are truly meant to do for you.

We are meant to empower you.

We are meant to teach you.

We are meant to advise you.   

We are meant to help you develop and grow businesses that are aligned with your heart and your higher self.

We are meant to show you how to make money doing what you love, with honesty and integrity. 

More than anything, I want you to know that I have your best interests at heart, and I am deeply committed to your success. But don’t let me just tell you that – let me show you.


Are you ready to get unstuck?


What this program should cost:

$11,500 for the program + bonuses

What I’m offering it to you for:

$997 for the program + bonuses

Two Payment Options Available

A One-Time Payment
of $997

Special Discount Code

Pay $199/month for 6 months.


What is the investment?

The investment for this program is 1 payment of $997 or 6 payments of $199.

Can I talk to Christina prior to enrolling if I’m interested but have questions?

Absolutely! If you’d like to book a call with me to see if the program is a good fit for you, I encourage you to do so here.

Who is the program best for?

If you’re an entrepreneur that has services to sell, but you’re not sure how to sell them because you’re struggling with the marketing piece, this program is for you. However, the program only works if you put in the work. It’s very much like an online course, but with regularly scheduled one-to-one support from me. You have to commit to the lessons, the homework and the one-to-one call times. You have to really want to take control of your marketing. 

How is the content delivered?

The content (lessons & worksheets) are delivered on a weekly basis (if that is the best schedule for you based on our pre-consultation) in PDF form. Bonus materials are also delivered via PDF form.

I’m so busy as it is. Do I really have time for this program? Do I have to complete it within 6 weeks?

The program can be done at whatever speed works for you. However, I recommend that you complete it within 6 months, as the consulting sessions expire after 6 months from the purchase date. For those that go over the 6 month limit, they will still receive the program content, but they won’t receive any remaining consultations.  

I’m scared to enroll because I’m not very tech savvy. Can I implement what you teach without being tech savvy?

Some tech experience is recommended! However, I’m available via email or during our regular consultations to talk about any tech questions. Let’s schedule a call to talk about your tech abilities if this is something that concerns you.

What is your refund policy?

I do not offer refunds for this program. I can guarantee that if you show up and put in the work, you will experience incredible results.


You’re here for a reason.

Make it happen. 


A One-Time Payment
of $997

Special Discount Code

Pay $199/month for 6 months.