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3 Ways to Grow Your Email List

3 Ways to Grow your Email List During Social Distancing

Today I’m going to talk about how to grow your email list quickly and easily. These tactics are especially effective in today’s world of social distancing. 

It’s important that you have a few things in place before you start growing your email list. 

First, you have to have your email provider all set up! Obviously, you can’t build a list if you don’t have a list set up. Sure, you can keep a written list of email addresses you collect, but how is that going to save you time down the line. Have your email provider (like MailChimp or Active Campaign or Constant Contact) automated so that you can instantly capture names and email addresses. Then, you’ll want to create an automated email that gets sent out to those new subscribers. This means that once someone gets added to your list, either manually by you or through subscribing on your site, they immediately get a welcome message.

Second, you have to have a few freebie offerings in mind. This goes back to the opt-ins I was talking about in a previous session/live. The offer you provide can be a free PDF, an introductory call, a brief trial of your service, an audio lesson, a guided meditation, an educational webinar, or perhaps a video tutorial. It is essentially anything that you think will be valuable and relevant to your ideal customer. It’s a piece of important content that can be exchanged for contact information. The easiest way to put a freebie together is to consider repurposing content you already have. You and I both know how long it takes to create an incredible piece of content. Once we hit publish and put it out into the world, it just stays in that one location. But what if instead of never looking at that piece of content again, you leverage it to work harder for you by packaging it up into different shapes and sizes. For example, you can transcribe audio, or craft an email from blogs, or create quotes and graphics from old content.

Third and lastly, you have to be ready to show up in how you use email marketing AND understand that it’s purely a business tactic. This means that your vibe needs to be where you want it when you’re sending your emails. Believe it or not, readers can tell when your content is just ho-hum instead of exciting and inspired. This also means that you can’t take email marketing personally. People will unsubscribe from you, and when you’re just starting out with a small list, it can upset you to see someone leave your list. But don’t sweat it! Unsubscribes actually help you weed out the ideal customers from the ones who aren’t. Unsubscribes save you energy, get rid of dead weight, save you money, and generally improve the quality of your list. So with that, here are 3 ways you can grow your email list. Keep in mind, there are tons of ways you can build your list. These are just 3 of them for you to consider today, as they’re particularly useful in today’s post-COVID-19 world. 

Number #1: Consider social networking. The new way of networking is social these days. So, how can you optimize direct messages (or DMs) to grow your list? I’ll give you an example of how this works. Say you post an infographic about 3 struggles that your ideal customer experiences as it relates to your industry. And you just happen to have some resources to help them within your freebie. You can tell your followers to comment with what they struggle with and then you can slide into their DM asking if you can send over your free resource that should help them!

Number #2: This next tip is a really fun one particularly for newbie entrepreneurs. Join a few Facebook groups or other social groups where your ideal customer is hanging out. Spend a little time in each group providing value and answering questions. Once you offer value, you’ll start to identify people who could utilize your freebie. Ask them if you could DM them or provide the link (if it’s allowed in that group) in the comments so they can sign up to receive it.

Number #3: Leverage SEO. Use a service like Google Ads to research relevant and high-quality keywords within their Google Keyword Planner. This service is free, and you only need to sign up for Google Ads. You won’t be paying for anything though. Start churning out some keyword-rich content so that you can be placed higher in search engine results, and so that more online visitors can find you. Your content should also link back to your freebie so that you can actively build your list through optimized content. 

There you go! 3 things to consider before you grow your email list, and once you do, 3 ways to do it today. 

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50 Free List Building Techniques

50 Free List Building Techniques

All entrepreneurs need list building strategies. This is especially true when you’re first starting out. You may not hav the funds needed to invest in advertising or expensive marketing. This is why using free list building strategies is imperative to growing your business. 

But keep in mind – there’s a bit of a hustle at the beginning, and nobody can do this step for you. You have to choose the strategies on your own and you have to be creative. If you’re committed to changing lives and having a long-term profitable business, you must build an audience. 

Building your list takes time, so you have to be patient. There is no such thing as an overnight success.

Here are 50 free techniques you can use to build your list.

    1. Commit to attending at least 1 networking event per month with the goal of meeting at least 2 new people at each event. 
    2. Host a networking event for your community. 
    3. Nurture any current relationships you have and seek referrals. 
    4. Include clear and specific calls to action in all of your content marketing. 
    5. Share your content across other platforms outside of social media, such as Medium, Scoop it, Digg, etc.
    6. Start an account in HARO to help reporters with valuable expert insight. 
    7. Publish your articles and blogs on LinkedIn. 
    8. Join relevant groups on LinkedIn and post within them regularly. 
    9. Insert opt-ins within your content on your blog. 
    10. Add an opt-in to your homepage.
    11. Create a subscriber link on your homepage to your e-newsletters. 
    12. Add a subscriber link to your email signatures. 
    13. Make it easy for people to share your content either through social media channels or forwarding options in emails.
    14. Optimize thank you pages with referral requests or social sharing prompts. 
    15. Create a referral program that incentivizes current clients. 
    16. Highlight a piece of your blog content on a social media platform and start a conversation around it.
    17. Engage with other popular accounts on social media so that they can return the favor.
    18. Follow other brands and businesses and their audiences so that they can follow you back.
    19. When at events, bring an iPad and sign up people on the spot.
    20. Email each person you meet at an event and establish a connection. 
    21. Use free SEO tracking software to get a ranking analysis of your site and then follow their instructions to optimize it. 
    22. Keep SEO in mind when you create and optimize your content. 
    23. Consider a HelloBar on your site to tease a specific offer.
    24. Create an email campaign around a specific offer.
    25. Be helpful and kind on forums and other online communities.
    26. Thoughtfully comment on other people’s blogs and videos.. 
    27. Be generous and offer testimonials for other businesses, either online or offline.
    28. Keep an open mind for collaborations, partnerships or co-sponsored events with colleagues. 
    29. Think about potential collaborations with like-minded businesses. 
    30. Offer a workshop or training or class at a like-minded business facility. 
    31. Be a case study for vendors.
    32. Create a piece of content that can go viral for your market.
    33. Lead a regular meet-up or event in your town that supports fellow businesses or the community.
    34. Be featured in blogs or in other media or work with influencers.
    35. Get interviewed about your message, your story, your mission, your business, etc.
    36. Submit an article to a newspaper or magazine. 
    37. Pitch your story to a local TV or radio station. 
    38. Join a relevant association and become an active member.
    39. Volunteer for like-minded organizations or other places that you’re passionate about.
    40. Talk to friends, colleagues, clients, etc. about your goals and how they can help.
    41. Take a class.
    42. Do live speaking engagements.
    43. Be a guest in virtual events or webinars. 
    44. Host a live webinar or group call. 
    45. Be a guest teacher in someone else’s program or event.
    46. Guest post on engaged blogs that serve your ideal customer.
    47. Write articles for other people’s newsletters.
    48. Submit your business to online and offline directories. 
    49. Create accounts and profiles on a variety of online communities.
    50. Teach workshops or seminars to generate interest in what you do.

There are, of course, more ways to build your list than what’s listed above. Regardless of whatever you choose to do, always do it from the heart. 

Need more help? Check out my 1:1, group and self-study offerings: https://christinagiordano.com/offerings/