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Let's get your offerings soul'd!

I’m Christina, and I’m here to help you sell with soul.

Soul’d is a movement of big-hearted business owners who are marketing themselves with integrity, messaging themselves in a way that is truly reflective of the actual transformation they provide, and monetizing themselves in a way that honors their multidimensionality. 

This is selling with soul. 

People can no longer be sold to, they must be soul’d to. I will show you how.

Featured Offerings

90-Minute 1:1 $222

The Meet-Up

We can use this time together to craft a marketing message that resonates, or map out your marketing strategy for 2024, or come up with content, email and/or social media marketing campaigns, and much more!

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Half Day Deep Dive $888

The Mega

Get the self-study program and a half-day VIP experience with me, where we take what you discovered from the self-study program and put it altgoether in a marketing strategy. Email support for two weeks included.

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Done For You $1000+

A Plan of Action

Let me create a done-for-you comprehensive marketing plan that you can implement on your own. Plans are roughly 10 pages+ of pure strategy without the fluff. A great way to hit the ground running in 2024.

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Here's how I can help...

self-study & 1:1 support

My signature program, The Main Methods, is a go-at-your-own-pace self-study program that allows you to create a marketing strategy rooted in the actual transformation you provide. 

And if self-study isn’t your thing, I offer 1:1 offerings to support and uplevel your marketing messaging and strategy. The Meet-Up, The Mega and The Mentorship are opportunities to work with me in a 1:1 setting.  

group offerings

The Main Methods is also available in a live, in-person, 4-part workshop format on a regular basis. Within a month, you can learn the methods and get real-time feedback and strategy from me.

Become Divinely Resourced is a new live, in-person half-day retreat offering all about monetizing yourself, with a particular focus on creating multiple streams of income from an inspired place of divine connection.


Corporate Offerings

Newly added to my suite of offerings, consulting for membership organizations is now available for customized proposals based on the unique needs of the organization. 

Services range from reconnection-oriented options to business strategy support for members – all in an effort to help members build their businesses and receive the clarity, community and direction they need.

Meet Christina Giordano

I started this business to spark change in entrepreneurship. We need to bring magic back into marketing. Gone are the days of the hustle, the grind, the effecting, the push and pull of manipulative marketing tactics. I’m here to shine a light on a new way – one that combines your unique strengths and skills with the modern tools of entrepreneurship. It is possible to make marketing easy, ethical, exciting and effective.

I know what it feels like to have a deep passion for something and a profound longing to share it with others. I know what it feels like to go through the angst and anguish of building a business that truly matters. I know what it feels like when I impact another person through sharing what lights me up, what I’m inspired by, and what I’m truly meant to share.

I’ve been in the business of building businesses for over 15 years. Let me help you show up, be seen and shine.

Anna Malus Kitzmann
Owner of The Healer Is In You

1:1 work with Christina is simply transformational. It is almost like working with a marketing consultant and life/soul coach in one! I got so much clarity, inspiration, confidence and actual tangible action items after our sessions. Christina is crating this sacred space for you full of support and no judgment that allows you to truly connect to, clarify your purpose and how to communicate it to others.


Christina, I just want to THANK YOU for getting me started with The L.I.F.E. Method! I was really struggling with some things in my biz and looking at it through this lens was incredibly impactful. I just retooled my approach and programs based on the model and feel so much more successful and at peace than I have in 3 years. This is brilliant, thank you!!!

Sakina Hussain
Owner of Sage OBM

Christina’s L.I.F.E. Method caught my attention as I was struggling with my messaging. And I loved how she focuses on aligning your marketing message with your work and your soul path. It’s like she knew exactly what I wanted! She is efficient, easy to work with and got me aligning with my message. She is amazing, and I recommend her to everyone!

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