Hi, I’m Christina. And I’m here to help you sell with soul.

Christina Giordano Consulting, LLC launched in 2013 as a do-it-all marketing agency for those looking to get the word out about their business. Over the years, I worked with agencies, private clients, and larger organizations – helping them utilize the modern tools of entrepreneurship available to them. I’ve hosted and taught at workshops, training seminars, and large-scale events. I’ve touched almost every area a marketing consultant could touch in order to gain the experience and knowledge to be informed with the kind of business mine would eventually evolve into and become. As time went by, and as I became more aligned, I was itching to create something new, something different, something that reflected more of me AND more of the type of marketing I wanted to see.

In 2020, I created my three proprietary methods: The L.I.F.E. Method, The S.O.U.L. Method and The L.O.V.E. Method as a way to help business owners gain more clarity on the actual transformation they provide and sell it in a way that feels good. I help people show up for their marketing in a way that is aligned, embodied and empowered. From there, through the help of my Money Methods, I help people expand their offerings in ways they never thought possible so that they can become divinely resourced and create multiple streams of income. Now, with a suite of offerings ranging from 1:1s to group options to corporate solutions, the essence of Soul’d lives up to its name in making marketing easy, ethical AND effective. Let’s get your offerings soul’d.