Hi, I’m Christina. And I’m here to help you build a business with your soul leading the way.


Christina Giordano Consulting, LLC launched in 2013 as a do-it-all marketing agency for those looking to get the word out about their business. Over the years, I worked with agencies, private clients, and larger organizations – helping them utilize the modern tools of entrepreneurship available to them. I’ve hosted and taught at workshops, training seminars, and large-scale events. I’ve touched almost every area a marketing consultant could touch in order to gain the experience and knowledge to be informed with the kind of business mine would eventually evolve into and become. As time went by, and as I became more aligned, I was itching to create something new, something different, something that reflected more of me.

In 2020, I upleveled my spiritual practice more than ever before. I’ve become stronger, deeper, and more intuitive. Over time, I received the messages I needed in order to transition and pivot my business. Now, I help people from every walk of life rediscover and remember who they are meant to be. What I do is conscious business building. I help you realign with your true self so that you can identify your desires, your “soul-power,” and your voice. My goal is to help you become happier, freer and more aligned so that you can live the life and have the business of your dreams.

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As a young girl, I believed that I was magical.

I saw it and felt it, day in and day out. I was incredibly spiritual. I talked to the trees and the flowers. I sang and danced. I was sweet, pure, and gentle. I had a profound wisdom about love and kindness.

And the world changed me.

As a particularly unique and sensitive child, I took criticism to heart. And I received a lot of it. From family, relatives, teachers, kids – you name it, I got it, and it slowly but surely broke me down. I remember countless times being blamed and ridiculed for this and that, knowing that I was not at fault, but too afraid to speak up. I rarely ever spoke up for myself, and worse, I started to believe that their criticism was the truth.

As a result, I sought perfection – not within, but without. I became a people pleaser and a pushover. I wanted everyone around me to like me and to see me as someone who was perfectly content and happy with her life. I had massively low self-esteem and struggled with body dysmorphia from around 10 years old and well into my 20s. In college and after, I drank way too much, and I worked way too hard. There were moments of depression, anxiety and so much stress, my intestines felt like they were in knots. I never spoke for myself. I never used my voice.

It wasn’t until I rediscovered wellness and spirituality that things began to change. I meditated regularly. I integrated healthy eating practices and detox regimens. I experimented with different modalities and treatments like acupuncture, massage therapy, reiki and shiatsu – all of which I loved. Coincidentally, this was also around the time that I started my own business, Christina Giordano Consulting, LLC. It was at this time when I started to return to myself, to who I was meant to be. More importantly, I was learning how to speak up for myself and use my voice again.

My business took off pretty quickly, as I had made a lot of contacts in my previous job that transitioned into clients. As I grew in my business I learned the kind of work that I like, the kind of work that I don’t like, and the kind of work that sets my soul on fire. As I pivoted into a new business model in 2020, I promised myself that I would only do the work that truly felt aligned. It was a major pivot (and a major promise), but I knew deep down that it was essential.

My business has evolved from something similar to a marketing agency to an exclusively e-learning platform that teaches others how to identify their uniqueness and leverage it within their businesses. I help people from every walk of life connect with, clarify and create their entrepreneurial visions that become their realities. Through my e-learning options, you can go from concept to creation as you build your dream life and business.

What I’ve realized over the years is that my truth matters. My uniqueness matters. And nothing matters more than living in full alignment with both, in a way that serves others and teaches others how to do the same.

Now, as I’ve gotten older and wiser, with a family of my own, I remember things as my little girl self. I remember what it felt like to see magic, even to feel it. I feel more connected to myself now more than ever, and as a result, I’m able to connect with others in a deeper, more meaningful way – through my voice.

And that is what I hope for you too – that you believe in your magic, your uniqueness, your voice, and yourself, again.