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I’m thrilled that you are ready to market yourself in a new way! Scroll down to check out my magic marketing suite of offerings. Should you want to chat first and see if it's a good fit, let's schedule a call to chat! 

The Mini: Apply Magic to Your Marketing Instantly

The FREE intro to my foundational method that gets you (and your audience!) aligned to your work. (You’re a 10-min audio recording away from better marketing.)

The Main Methods: All You Need for an Aligned Marketing Strategy

Prefer to figure things out yourself in your own time? My self-study program gives you all three of my methods so that you can walk away with an aligned marketing strategy that you can get excited about.

The Meet-Up: A 90-min 1:1 Messaging Intensive

 Hello 1:1 with yours truly. We dive into your messaging with this intensive session that gives me the opportunity to sprinkle my magic into your strategy. 

The Mega: The Main Methods + A 4-Hour 1:1 Deep Dive Day with Me

Prefer to have someone figuring things out with you? Enter the Deep Dive Day option where we get to meet for half a day, chat about where you are in your marketing, and then you allow me to put it all together for you.

The Membership: Monthly Calls, Community Support & Resources

This is the only ongoing marketing support you will ever need, with a particular focus on the money-making result of marketing.