Corporate Consulting

For Member Organizations

Let’s uplevel your membership organization with a customized proposal based on your unique needs.

Support Your Members with:

RECONNECTION Centered Options

Event coordination and marketing on an annual or bi-annual basis. Events can be virtual or in-person.

Events can include: education opportunities, wellness activities, member connection, networking, personal development, etc.

Does your community need someone who can organize events, retreats and summits for members?

BUSINESS Centered Options

Marketing support in the form of email marketing, content marketing and influencer marketing.

Consulting can include: email marketing support, social media marketing support, content marketing support, systems support, etc.

Does your community need an in-house marketing director to assist the organization and its members?

The purpose of these amenities is:

To provide the organization with marketing & business building solutions for their members

To provide the organization with a cutting edge amenity rooted in big-hearted business support

To provide the organization with a professional for event coordination & event marketing purposes

To foster reconnection between the organization and its members ("hey, we see you, we've got your back")

To promote wellbeing, networking, education, personal development amongst its members

To provide continuous and consistent support in the area that matters most to members: business building & marketing

Hi, I'm Christina.

My mission has always been to put big-hearted and purpose-driven business owners at the forefront of the entrepreneurial world. Working with organizations is the most effective way I can do that.

With over 15 years of experience in the marketing industry, 10 years of it in my own business, I come with a variety of skills and lots of wisdom that can help improve the trajectory of these business owners succeeding on their own terms. With your help, we can make business work for them.

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