Corporate Consulting

Done-For-You Options

Let’s scale and expand your business in a way that is easy, ethical and effective.

Scale your Business with:

A Marketing Plan

A customized plan done for you.

Let me create a marketing plan for you to implement on your own that may include the following:

  1. an overview of potential opportunities in the digital space;
  2. ideas and a plan of action for current and future initiatives;
  3. organizational tools and processes to proactively manage and maintain all content, email and social media marketing;
  4. a sample monthly and weekly schedule of daily marketing-related tasks; and,
  5. an explanation of my oversight duties should you choose to retain my assistance on a monthly basis.  

Starting at $1000.

Marketing Support

Marketing support when you need it.

Allow me to step in as your in-house Marketing Director and execute the following tasks:

  1. Monthly and/or weekly e-newsletter creation and distribution;
  2. Content creation and/or soliciting content from staff, members, clients, etc.;
  3. Social media posting, repurposing, scheduling, etc.;
  4. Influencer relations, including PR, podcast, guest blogging, and other media opportunities;
  5. Oversight functions could include: tracking data and assessing key performance indicators; 
  6. Graphic design as necessary; and,
  7. Regular 1:1 meetings.

Starting at $1000/month.

The purpose of these offerings is:

To provide the organization with marketing & business building solutions that direct the vision

To provide the organization with cutting edge ideas rooted in big-hearted business support

To provide the organization with a professional marketer, with over 15 years experience

To create opportunities for growth by updating the systems, organization and operation of marketing

To promote wellbeing, networking, education, personal development for its customers/audience

To provide continuous and consistent support in the area that matters most -business building

Hi, I'm Christina.

My mission has always been to help businesses – both large and small – create marketing strategies that are not only effective, but easy, ethical and enjoyable. 

I do this by focusing on the actual transformation you provide. With this focus, you can magnetize your clients right to you, because you’re spekaing their language and getting to the heart of what you do. That’s selling with soul.

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