The Main Methods

Group Marketing Workshops

An in-person group offering that comes but once a season.

Let's create a marketing strategy that does not compromise your energy, boundaries, authenticity or wholeness. You're going to *love* marketing yourself after this.

Let's Build a Marketing Strategy You'll Love

My intention for this workshop series is that each and every attendee will walk away with a marketing strategy they can get excited about. With the help of my three proprietary methods, we discover the *actual* transformation you provide so that you can sell something real, relatable and most importantly, rooted within you. This is what it means to sell with soul.

Together, we will:

Align your clients to your work by speaking their language: using the words and phrases that light them up and get them excited to work with you. Bonus: You'll set the groundwork for how you want to show up as an aligned and embodied business owner as well.

Confidently, strategically and passionately share your unique mission, one-of-a-kind method and transformative message with the world. There is something about what you do that is an expression of your soul power. Let’s uncover it and shine a light on it.

Heartfully craft and customize a marketing plan perfectly suited to you, so that you can open up the flow of ideal clients (and have fun doing it.) We’ll apply the needle-moving principles of marketing to your business so that you can start to build momentum right away.

Receive feedback, support and ideas from me throughout the entire process. As someone who has been in the business of building businesses for almost 15 years, I’ll provide the tools, resources, knowledge and insight to get things moving for you in your business.

The best part?

I will be there teaching you the methods and then helping you apply them to your business with my own personal touch. These workshops are in-person for a reason: 

My energy will help to bring the energy of your business to life. This is my soul power, and I’m inviting you to access it!

With over 15 years of experience in the marketing industry, 10 years of it in my own business, there is no other offering like this. I will be walking through the methods with you step by step, and then providing personal feedback to each and every attendee.

You'll walk away with a monthly marketing strategy that includes:

A clear and concise marketing message that will be the foundation for all of your marketing activities

Aligned words and phrases to use so that you can speak the language of your target market

Topics, themes and talking points to use at your preferred frequency

A list of clear action steps that reflect your marketing goals

And a weekly marketing strategy that includes:

A belief-shifting theme of the week

A list of clear action steps that reflect your marketing goals points to address

A plug-and-play daily marketing schedule

The week's tasks you want to accomplish based on your monthly action steps

I want to help you create a marketing strategy that you will actually *want* to show up for.

My 3 proprietary methods will light the way, and you will walk away with your very own marketing strategy.

The L.I.F.E. Method
This method will help you align with the transformation that you provide so that you can fully understand and know how to *sell* it. The L.I.F.E. Method can help you with any goal you have in mind, however, we’re going to apply it to your marketing and let the magic take over.

The S.O.U.L. Method
This method will help you gain clarity on the actual transformation you provide (because, sometimes, it’s not so cut and dry). We’ll take a deep dive into everything that makes you, you, and then connect the dots from your past to the present and put it altogether to make your unique mission, method and message.

The L.O.V.E. Method
This method will help you apply the needle-moving principles of marketing in a way that works for you. This is where you will learn how to show up, be seen, and shine, with the steadfast knowing that you WILL succeed.

What to expect

The first session will be about The L.I.F.E. Method, giving us the aligned words and phrases based on the transformation you provide so that you can speak the language of your dream clients.

The second session will be about The S.O.U.L. Method, giving us the clarity around the transformation you provide, including belief-shifting objectives, talking points, etc. so that you can show up for your marketing with more impact, conviction and soul.

The third session will be about The L.O.V.E. Method, giving us the action steps required within your marketing so that you have a clear, precise and consistent approach to marketing yourself.

The fourth and final session will be focused on putting everything together into a monthly and weekly plug-n-play marketing strategy template.

From Selling to Soul’d: Marketing Methods takes you on a journey first inward to uncover and articulate your deepest vision and values, then outward to hone a marketing message that is an authentic expression of your self and your work. What to say in your marketing becomes easy because it flows from your heart! We looked at strategies to share our message, then came away with practical steps and the confidence to put them into action. Christina’s marketing expertise and powerful, supportive listening helped me craft an effective marketing plan to build my business organically.

- Cindy

Working with Christina has not only helped me clarify my marketing message, but had me super inspired with many new ideas for product offerings and content marketing. If you are an entrepreneur with a distinctive service to share, Christina will help you accurately define the work you do and shine your light, effectively attracting more clients!

- Stephanie

Over the years I have spent quite a bit of time and money on marketing. I’d sign up for programs, seminars, workshops and workbooks. I never really DID anything substantial and sustainable, let alone something others would find interesting. Recently I had the good fortune to meet Christina Giordano. I attended her program, became engaged with her proprietary process and am actively DOING! Newsletters, revamping my website, utilizing media and looking for more. For me, the secret is that Christina’s gentle mentoring and process has the unique ability to connect my head and heart in the creative process, with the result being a marketing approach that accurately embodies the reason I do what I do and how others will thrive by joining me.
Thank you, Christina. You are awesome!

- Jeff


Tribe, A Healing Arts Community
1819-21 West Belmont Avenue Chicago, IL 60657

Upcoming Workshop Series

Next In-Person Series Offering at Tribe:

Dates: TBD

Time: TBD

Investment: $444*

 *The investment includes access to the online self-study program, a spot during all 4 live sessions, and an entire month of 1:1 email support.

(Please email me directly if you’d like a payment plan!)

I'm Christina, and I've been where you are.

I used to follow (and teach) an outdated, misaligned, and broken approach to marketing. And the truth of the matter is: I knew it all along. I knew deep down that the way I was doing things, which didn’t feel aligned at all, was wrong for me. But it was massively inconvenient for me to admit this to myself.

Since then, I’ve made a commitment to create and embody a new form of marketing, and my methods came to life. I decided then and there that I would teach these methods to my fellow business owners, so that they can find fulfillment and success, on their terms, as well.

Only 5 attendees will be accepted per series. Hurry and grab your spot.

We cover A LOT in this experience, and we complete what we can within the time provided. Because of the depth and quality, you receive access to my self-study program which features all content presented in the series AND 1:1 email support with me for four weeks. I want to help this material *land* for you.

You get Forever Access to the Self-Study Version Too!

3 20ish-Minute Audio Lessons for Each Method
(Perfect for On-The-Go!)

3 Fillable Workbooks for Each Method
(Refine & Revise!)

Plug & Play Marketing Strategy Templates (Weekly & Monthly!)