The Main Methods

The Self-Study Program

A straightforward, streamlined and *practical* approach to creating a marketing strategy you can get excited about, because it authentically reflects what you do. 

Let's Build Your Magical Marketing Strategy
In a practical way!

Listen, I get it. Every marketing consultant you’ve met has told you that they have figured out the magical approach to building a business. And all it turns out to be is the “same old, same old” way of hustling, grinding and manipulating people to buy from you. I get it, because I actually used to teach that form of marketing, too… up until I got so sick and tired of trying to believe in it. So, I stopped and created a new way of marketing yourself.

Hear me out: You offer a transformation. And I’m betting that transformation is something you have achieved for yourself. This is your magic. Now, defining this is one thing. Selling it is another. That is where The Main Methods come in. Each method provides you with an opportunity for some self-reflection and self-discovery, leading you a practical approach to creating a marketing strategy that is rooted in your magic. This magic is the transformation that you love about your work; the one you love talking about. Now, isn’t that something you can feel good about selling? Isn’t that something you can get excited about?

By the end of this program, you will know:

How to align your clients to your work, like a magnet. Bonus: You'll set the groundwork for how you want to show up as an aligned and embodied business owner as well.

How to confidently, strategically and enthusiastically share your unique mission, one-of-a-kind method and transformative message with the world.

How to heartfully craft and customize a marketing plan perfectly suited to you, so that you can *open up the flow* of clientele, abundance and most importantly, love.

This is For Business Owners Who:

And most of all, for those of you who are:

Yes, you can market yourself in a practical way that is also divinely connected.

I want to help you create a marketing strategy that you will actually *want* to show up for.

My 3 proprietary methods will light the way, and you will walk away with your very own marketing strategy.

The L.I.F.E. Method
This method will help you align with the transformation that you provide so that you can fully understand and know how to *sell* it. The L.I.F.E. Method can help you with any goal you have in mind, however, we’re going to apply it to your marketing and let the magic take over. 

The S.O.U.L. Method
This method will help you gain clarity on the actual transformation you provide (because, sometimes, it’s not so cut and dry). We’ll take a deep dive into everything that makes you, you, and then connect the dots from your past to the present and put it altogether to make your unique mission, method and message.

The L.O.V.E. Method
This method will help you apply the needle-moving principles of marketing in a way that works for you. This is where you will learn how to show up, be seen, and shine, with the steadfast knowing that you WILL succeed.

This is the Soul-Powered Approach to Marketing Yourself

Module 1

Let’s dive in.

You’re here because you want more: More freedom. More alignment. More flexibility. More money. You want more meaning. More fulfillment. More of that magical feeling. You want your business to matter. You want to be seen as a leader, as a shining example of what’s possible. And maybe, just maybe you want to change the world, even just a little bit while you’re here, simply by being yourself, serving others, and sharing what you love. What you need then, my friend, is to re-awaken that light within you and power up your business in a way that represents your soul’s expression to the world.

Module 2

Let’s take a conscious approach to business building.

Module Highlights:

  •   Prepare for full embodiment via your desires, through my proprietary L.I.F.E. Method™
  •   Create a daily, weekly, monthly “toolbox” to help you build from a place of alignment
  •   Learn about the “3 P’s of Perseverance” – non negotiables that will supercharge your motivation to propel forward
  •   Develop an essential mindset strategy that will change the way you think, react and believe

And 2 added bonuses:
The first: is a complete list of ritual ideas so that you can add the ones that you like to your toolbox.
The second: is a sample daily, weekly and monthly schedule in order to achieve alignment, regularly.

Module 3

Let’s gain even more clarity on who you are and what matters to you so much about what you do.

Module Highlights:

  •   Connect the dots to understand your destiny as business owner, through my proprietary S.O.U.L. Method™
  •   Distinguish yourself by identifying your unique Soul Power (your mission, your method and your message)
  •   Find your voice – what you need to express about your work – and how you will share it
  •   Clarify your 5 Ps, the 5 primary elements of building a meaningful and profitable business (your passion, purpose, people, product (or service), and promise)

And 2 added bonuses:
The first: is a curated list of tactics to connect to yourself, as you cannot achieve clarity without a deep connection to who you are.
The second: is an exercise in clarity about who you are meant to serve (and goes much deeper than a typical ideal customer exercise.)

Module 4

Let’s fuel our power and focus with conviction.

Module Highlights:

  •   Create your business growth strategy, through my proprietary L.O.V.E. Method™
  •   Dive deep into the mindset practices you’ll need in order to follow your business growth strategy
  •   Write the story that will captivate your audience and do the selling for you
  •   Understand a crucial and nonnegotiable component of building a successful business, called The Knowing

And 2 added bonuses:
The first
: is my S.U.C.C.E.S.S. model that is more than basic business building strategies, but a pathway to increasing influence and maximizing impact.
The second: is a lesson in consistency and growth – how to combine the two so that you stay consistent with your efforts and continuously achieve growth.

Module 5

Now you know what it means to have a soul-powered business.

You’ll understand the value of following this type of work, and you’ll take actions and make decisions that reflect who you truly are and what you most want out of life. You’ll show up for yourself and your business the way you truly want to – the way that you are meant to – and business building will feel easier, more freeing, and believe it or not, fun.

This is the type of program you can complete in a weekend, with a marketing strategy ready by Monday.

I know what it’s like to feel “stuck” marketing yourself.

If you’re marketing yourself online, it’s easy to get stuck in what feels like a rat race of conflicting and crowded content

You might begin to doubt what you’re capable of in terms of marketing yourself. You might start to despise online marketing and as a result stop yourself from utilizing it. You might feel disempowered, alone and like you want to hide in the corner. 

I promise you, there’s hope.

We just have to discover your magic and put it into a strategy that feels *amazing* to you.

All you have to do is learn…

How to liberate ourselves from an outdated, broken approach to marketing.

How to trust ourselves enough to know that what inspires us impacts our marketing strategy.

How to take simple, needle-moving principles and apply them to everything you put out there.

I'm Christina, and I've been where you are.

I used to follow (and teach) an outdated, misaligned, and broken approach to marketing. And the truth of the matter is: I knew it all along. I knew deep down that the way I was doing things, which didn’t feel aligned at all, was wrong for me. But it was massively inconvenient for me to admit this to myself.

Since then, I’ve made a commitment to create and embody a new form of marketing, and my methods came to life. I decided then and there that I would teach these methods to my fellow business owners, so that they can find fulfillment and success, on their terms, as well.

I created this program to show you that a better, more aligned way is possible.
I created this program so that you are at ease and living in peace with your business.
I created this program to show you that you can have a profitable business that is also incredibly meaningful.
I want you to have fun again, to believe in magic again, but most importantly, I want you to trust yourself more than ever before and know that you can build the life and business of your dreams.

You get Forever Access to:

3 20ish-Minute Audio Lessons for Each Method
(Perfect for On-The-Go!)

3 Fillable Workbooks for Each Method
(Refine & Revise!)

Plug & Play Marketing Strategy Templates (Weekly & Monthly!)

Still thinking about it?

This approach to business is truly the only one worth investing in…Because it’s based entirely on YOU.

You are quite literally investing in who you are at a soul level and relying on THAT to build a business you can’t wait to wake up to.

You’re not investing in anyone else’s pathway to success.

You’re investing in your own.

You’re investing in your very own essence, your inner knowing, your innate wisdom, your past, your present, your future. You’re investing in every piece and part of you that makes you, well, you. This is an investment in getting the word out about the transformation that only YOU can provide.

Because you are magic.


You might find your answers here:

Do you give refunds?
Yes, we do offer refunds within one week (7 days) of purchasing should you decide that The Main Methods program is not a good fit for you. Email me at with the request within 7 days of purchase. In full disclosure, I will first attempt to remediate any issues you are experiencing with the program content. If you still prefer a refund, we will refund you in full. 

Can I pay with PayPal?
Yes, please select that option at checkout!

What’s the format of this program?
At the time of enrollment, you get access to all the program content that you can move through at your own pace. Program includes video recordings and fillable workbooks. 

What do you mean by Forever Access?
When you enroll, you instantly get access to the program content and any updates I make to it for as long as I run this program.

Will I be able to finish the program?
You can move at your own pace. With access to the full range of content from the moment you enroll, you can fly through the program or do a little bit here and there. Yes, you can be super busy AND finish this program. 
How long does it take to finish the program?
This is completely based on the individual, but my best guess is anywhere from 2 hours to 8 hours. Again, highly based on the individual.

Still have questions?
Reach out to me at