The Membership

We all want to make money as a result of our marketing.
That is why we market ourselves.

This membership... the only ongoing marketing support you will ever need, with a particular focus on the money-making result of marketing.

This is NOT a membership about manifesting money.

Rather, this is a membership for those looking to unravel and unlearn the unhelpful programming we have around money, so that we can hold everything we desire to have as a result of our marketing efforts.

This membership is highly recommended for those who have already elevated their marketing via my other marketing-specific offerings: The Main Methods, The Meet-Up, OR The Mega. However, it is open to everyone who is open to doing the inner work around money.

What You Get:

Monthly Q&A Calls

Access to Q&A Call Recordings

Monthly Resource Drops

Library of Resources

Community in What’s App

Access to Christina in the Community

Marketing is not just about the strategy.
It’s also about who you have to become...
To have and to hold what you desire.

This Is For The Heart-Centered Business Owner:

Initiation Fee + Process

This experience consists of two parts: The Initiation and The Membership. You must complete The Initiation in order to join The Membership.

The Initiation: During the 1:1, I’ll gain a better understanding of your money story, and I will also teach The Money Methods to you. The Money Methods include The D.E.B.T. Method and The C.R.E.D.I.T. Method. After our 1:1, you have 1 week to communicate with me privately via What’s App as you integrate what you have learned. This is your space for support, insight and feedback. I will be available via What's App between the hours of 9am-5pm daily. You will also have access to a private messaging thread in What's App, which includes everyone who has completed The Initiation.

The Membership: The Membership is a space for you to further integrate what you have learned and receive ongoing support through monthly live calls with me, monthly live calls with guest teachers, a library of resources, regular resource drops, and a community in the membership platform. You can cancel at any time.

Are You Ready?

Fine-print: If you wish to cancel your account, you can do so at any time. Once your account has been canceled, you will retain access to all paid features throughout the remainder of the term you purchased. If we are unable to process your renewal, your account may temporarily be suspended from access to paid features. Your account will remain suspended until a valid payment method is used. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your account, please contact us at