The Mentorship

This is an invitation-only consulting container hyper-focused on marketing and monetizing yourself for the purposes of expansion.

This experience... the next step in your entrepreneurial journey.

Now more than ever before, power needs to be put in the hands of people like you. It is my mission to put heart-centered business owners at the forefront of the entrepreneurial world. 

In this container, you will receive high-touch support from me in an effort to effectively build out your goals for expansion.

What You Get

Access to The Main Methods self-study program

Access to The Money Methods PDF

Email support

Marketing review & hands-on editing

Four 90-min weekly strategy calls

What You Get with The Money Methods

In the Initiation:

1 60-minute 1:1 Call

1 Week of 1:1 Messaging in What’s App

Lifetime Access to a Private Community Messaging Thread in What’s App

In the Membership:

1 Monthly Live Support Call with Christina

1 Monthly Live Support Call with a Guest Teacher

A Library of Resources to Support You

Regular Resource Drops

Recordings of all Support Calls

Private Members Only Community in Membership Platform

We will incorporate the Energetics of Money into this container.

This Is For The Heart-Centered Business Owner:

Become Divinely Resourced

This is for those who have attended the Become Divinely Resourced half-day retreat and require personal consulting on a regular basis as they continue the process of expanding themselves. 

Therefore, this container is by invitation only, as you must have attended the Become Divinely Resourced Retreat in order to qualify for this experience.

The Process

Step 1
Open Welcome Email

This is where you will find next step instructions and The Money Methods PDF.

Step 2
Download The Money Methods

Review the PDF in its entirety prior to scheduling your 1:1 call with Christina. 

Step 3
Schedule a Call with Christina

Book Your 60-Minute 1:1 call with Christina. I'm here for support, clarity and feedback!

Step 4
Text with Christina

Take advantage of the 1-week messaging with Christina in What’sApp.

Step 5
Chat in the Community Thread

Chat with others who have been initiated.

For those getting Ongoing Support in The Membership:

Step 6
Log In to The Membership

We welcome you! You will find The Money Methods here, too.

Step 7
Visit the Membership Community

Say hi to the fellow members in our community portal.

Step 8
Live Calls with Christina

Mark your calendars for monthly live calls with Christina.

Step 9
Live Calls with Guest Teachers

Mark your calendars for monthly live calls with our guest teachers. 

Step 10
Get Help in The Library

Find live call recordings, resource drops, and support here.

Step 11
Start Making Money

Still thinking about it?

Energy is the language of money. 

It’s time to learn the how to speak this language by learning a *practical* approach to it.

I promise: You can learn this (and UNLEARN) so much, all at the same time. 

This is about:

1) unraveling and unlearning the unhelpful programming you have around money, and

2) shifting the energy of your finances (with real-life applications) in order to create a new reality of money for you.

Energetics is something we can all learn and apply to our lives.

And I get it – you’ve taken 20 courses, read 100 books, paid for 10 different programs, and followed every manifesting teacher out there.

It’s scary to put your trust into another program about energetics – something that still feels so out of reach and almost downright *impossible* to grasp. 

Well, listen, you can’t actually grasp concepts and ideas and new ways of thinking… 

Without also grasping real-life tools and techniques to help you apply these “intangible” concepts to your life. 

This is the program that will show you how to make energy tangible, and I will be there to walk you through it every step of the way.

You don’t have to figure this out on your own anymore.

I’m here for you. 🙂

Scholarship Opportunities +
Additional Payment Plan Options

Scholarship Opportunity:
In an effort to make The Money Methods accessible to everyone, particularly those within marginalized communities, I am offering one scholarship opportunity every month to a BIPOC individual. Please email me to submit your request to receive a scholarship. Recipient will be chosen at random.

Additional Payment Plan Options:
In my continual effort to make The Money Methods accessible to everyone, I am open to providing additional payment plan options to those that request them. Please email me to submit your request for a specific payment plan and please include your suggested payment plan. We will work together in ensuring that we are both comfortable with the arrangements made.


You might find your answers here:

Do I need to review The Money Methods before our call together?
Yes, I feel like this would be the best use of your time and money – 1) to learn what you can with The Money Methods on your own, and then 2) come to our call with your questions and any points of interest/struggle for feedback and clarity and direction.

Why do you need to complete The Initiation in order to join The Membership?
I need to set you up for success. The 1:1 call really helps to integrate The Money Methods, as I’m able to help you apply them to your life. You also get a full week of 1:1 messaging support with me.

When do the monthly live support calls with Christina and the guest teachers take place?
The monthly live support calls with me will take place around the New Moon. The monthly live support calls with our guest teachers will take place around the Full Moon. Dates and times will vary. Details will be posted within the Membership Platform, which takes place in Thinkific.

What types of guest teachers will be on the live support calls?
The guest teachers will vary from breathwork and meditation facilitators to money mindset coaches. The topics will vary from integration-type work (like breathwork) to learning new money concepts and mindset techniques from different perspectives. Why am I doing this? Because I do not claim and will never claim to know all the secrets to money! I also find it incredible valuable to take in the opinions (and magic) of others to fully develop and grow my own relationship with money. This can only benefit us in the long run.

What is included in the “resource drops”?
These are mini audio lessons + workbooks in topics related to The L.I.F.E Method, The S.O.U.L Method and The L.O.V.E Method – the pillars of my marketing suite. These lessons are categorized based on when you need on-the-spot support.
Topics include:
The 3 P’s of Perseverance
The 4 Levels of Consciousness
Ritual Ideas
Clarifying Your 5 Ps
Tactics to Reconnect with Yourself
The Secret to S.U.C.C.E.S.S.
…And more.

Are you going to look at my finances?
Nope! We’re talking energy. That’s it. I’m not a financial advisor. 🙂

How do I cancel my membership?
If you wish to cancel your account, you can do so at any time. Once your account has been canceled, you will retain access to all paid features throughout the remainder of the term you purchased. If we are unable to process your renewal, your account may temporarily be suspended from access to paid features. Your account will remain suspended until a valid payment method is used. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your account, please contact us at

Do you offer refunds for The Initiation or The Membership?
Unlike my other offerings, I do not offer refunds or “redos” for the Initiation or the Membership. Because of the self-directed nature of this work, it is imperative that you understand your individual role in energetics. I cannot transform your energy for you; only you can do that. However, I can help you within the parameters of this offering.