The Meet-Up

Let's level up your marketing.

Because your people need to know exactly how you can help them.

In order to get people to buy from you...

we need to get them aligned to how you can help them!

In this 1:1 experience, we’re going to dive into your current marketing strategy. What’s working? What’s not working? Where are you feeling stuck? What are the most needle-moving steps you can take right now?

This is an opportunity to pick my brain in regards to anything marketing-related. Let me help you tap into your magic and re-energize your marketing messaging and strategy.

Here’s Exactly What You Will Walk Away With:

A totally new, fun, and *aligned* approach to marketing so that you can finally know what it feels like to sell with SOUL.

Complete & total clarity of what your dream clients want and NEED to hear from you in order to buy from you.

Crystal clear messaging direction, plus content marketing ideas for your business, based on your needs.

Basically: I’m going to tell you *exactly* what you need to say in order to get your offerings SOUL’D! (As in sold, with soul.)

I have the unique ability of connecting the dots between the transformation you provide and a meaningful marketing message and strategy. 

The Details:

Upon payment, you will receive a link to book your session. We will chat via Zoom for 90 minutes. The marketing focus of this call is entirely up to you. Following our chat, I will send you an email of our recorded call, my notes, your homework, and some additional suggestions.

My Guarantee to You: At the end of our 90 minutes together, if your marketing message still doesn’t feel *good and right* to you, we will start over again (re-scheduling another 90 minute call) at no cost to you. To activate this, you must let me know that this is what you’d like to do on the call together in order for me to fulfill this request.

I am currently in the process of fleshing out my business and becoming a more intentional business owner, but I have been feeling lost and stuck in place. At the beginning of my 1:1 session with Christina I expressed my discomfort with “putting myself out there” and the marketing methods that make me squirm. Christina validated my thoughts and feelings, but then flipped the script and taught me how to shift my focus in a more comfortable and authentic way. Her style of guided conversation brought out all sorts of discoveries and concepts that were hiding in plain sight, and she then helped me clarify my message, establish my unique voice and ideal client, and create a plan for continued growth. By the end, I was feeling much more at ease, motivated and empowered to be able to clearly share my offerings and experience. I highly recommend working 1:1 with Christina, whether you are developing a new business, or are feeling like you’re ready to expand your current one and need a new perspective. You will truly feel understood, supported, and ready to hit the ground running!

- Morgan

Working with Christina has helped me reconnect with what works in flow and ease with my schedule, resources, and gave me insight on where my internal stumbling blocks were around marketing and how to work with and around them. The amount of resources and strategies that Christina shares is above and beyond! I appreciate her ability to turn around a quick and effective plan and marketing strategy that is in my own alignment rather than some corporate formula. Christina is lovely to work with, her ability to listen and curate a detailed specific plan and prompts to navigate you to your own truth and direction is just amazing! Before I did this, I felt overwhelmed and easily lost with my marketing strategy. Working 1:1 with Christina made me feel more confident and capable about marketing. I feel like I can use more energy to create then having to figure all of the steps out on my own now. I highly recommend this experience for those looking for a marketing strategy that feels authentic and natural.

- Jessica

I am so thankful for the individual time with Christina. I was struggling with being vulnerable and bringing myself into my business after moving to a new market. Working with her made me feel confident in my message. I feel like I can now market myself in such an authentic and unique way.

- Keri

Let's Make some marketing magic!