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You're 10 Minutes Away from Magnetic Marketing

In this free audio recording, Christina shares The L.I.F.E. Method and how it can be used to attract your clients directly to your work, with the help of alignment.

The way you are aligned to your work is equal to how your clients are aligned to your work.

One of the biggest missteps we can make while marketing ourselves is not speaking to the truth of our work, the transformation of our work. If we want to connect with soul-aligned clients, we have to speak their language.

Through clarifying our desires, The L.I.F.E. Method is going to help us connect the dots between the transformation that we offer and what we need to say about it in order to make our dream clients attracted to it, just like a magnet. 

How has the transformation you provide transformed you?
This is where we begin.

How you show up in your marketing, through your messaging, your vibe, your why, is what you are selling. The way you are aligned to your work is directly related to how your audience is aligned to your work.

This is about:

Giving yourself the opportunity to dive deeper into how you want to show up for yourself and your business.

Deciding how you will embody your work, lead by example and be the representation of your own transformation.

Discovering the ways that you can connect to your audience in a deeper, more aligned way, and therefore, attract them.