The Mega

The Main Methods Self-Study Program + A 1:1 Deep Dive Day with Me

Get all the content from The Main Methods PLUS one-to-one time with Christina as your guide.

This is for those of you who...

…need a marketing expert to co-create your marketing strategy with you. In this 1:1 container, you will complete the 3 methods within The Main Methods program on your own and then meet with Christina for a half-day strategy session.

This is where we co-create an aligned and authentic marketing strategy together. You’ll walk away feeling like you have *everything you need* to start marketing yourself, and you’ll actually feel *excited* about it.

This is the format of our time together:

For 14 days following our call, you are welcome to email me for feedback and further guidance, as often as you’d like.

I am so confident in this work that if you don’t feel lit up about marketing yourself after our time together, we will *do it all again* at no extra cost to you. To activate this, you must let me know that this is what you’d like to do on the call together in order for me to fulfill this request.

Here are my goals for our time together…

Create a cohesive marketing message that encompasses all that you offer and that *spells it out* concisely but also in a way that is both relatable and desirable for your dream clients.

Develop a step-by-step marketing action plan in the monthly & weekly marketing strategy template so that you can hit the ground running on your own and in a way that feels good to you.

Provide insight into how you can integrate everything we have done together into a cleaner, more consistent presence, both online and offline. (Plus, I will ensure that you've got this.)

Perhaps you've been burned before...

I promise you, I’m doing my best to change the marketing industry.

And so, after our time together, if you still feel as though your strategy is unaligned to who you are and what you’re about, we will start the process over and do another half-day session together. No extra cost to you.

This is my way of limiting the risk that you might feel when giving another marketing consultant a chance. But also, I’m letting you know that I fully have your back AND your best interests at heart.