Marketing Myths I Want to Bust

Marketing Myths I Want to Bust Now

Let’s bust a couple of marketing myths that might be holding you back from truly showing up and shining bright.

Myth #1: You need thousands of followers. 

Listen: I know people with thousands of followers and with just as much engagement as I have. (I have less than 1000 followings right now on IG after removing hundreds of inactive/bot accounts, and now it’s growing and converting more for me every day.) Basically: what you’re able to *convert* is key. Quality over quantity, always. 

Myth #2: You will not be judged for sharing your expertise. 

If you feel like you are being judged for sharing your expertise and becoming a brand on social media, you might be right. But listen: the judgments do not mean *anything* about you. Here’s the truth: your light is shining on their own wounds and limiting beliefs. Might as well let it be as bright as possible so that they might be able to heal themselves too. 

Myth #3: Attempting another marketing “hack” will finally grow your business. 

Buyers are smart. They are savvy. The online marketplace has evolved tremendously. The *only* messaging that works now is the kind that aligns your buyers right to you. That’s right, like a magnet. There’s an energy to marketing now, a magic. And it can’t come from trends, hacks and quick fix approaches. You must get to the *root* of your own marketing magic in order to magnify it.

Myth #4: There’s too much noise for anyone to really build momentum.

I’ve seen both sides of this: businesses blossoming at rapid fire speed and businesses blooming at a steady pace over time. Who knows which way will work for you?! But here’s the thing: you will never build momentum in your business if you start and stop all the time. You have to believe in your business more than anyone else, especially more than those who would eventually be your clients. You not only have to convince them that you are in it for the long haul, you have to convince yourself too. 

Myth #5: I have to dance and sing and put on a show in order to be seen.

This is only true if dancing and singing and putting on a show is *your desired way* of expressing yourself creatively. There are countless ways you can show up, be seen and shine. What lights you up? What can you get excited about?

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