How to Redefine Your Approach to Marketing

How to Redefine Your Approach to Marketing

Here’s the thing that bothers business owners when they think about marketing themselves… (I know, because it bothered me too.)

The type of marketing that many agencies and consultants teach is one that has been handed down and learned from corporations, which is very data-driven and results-based and not always done ethically. 

Now, there’s nothing wrong with being data-driven and results-based. In fact, data can be incredibly valuable and obviously results are what we all want. 

But there’s a human factor centered around what makes us relatable that is easy to forget, which is why there is a deep need for connection and authenticity.

The standard idea of marketing can unfortunately be seen as intimidating and gross.

When I say, “show up, be seen, and shine,” I simplify and modernize the approach to marketing so that instead of feeling like you’re making a sale, what you’re really doing is making an invitation. 

That’s literally what marketing is – showing up and being seen and shining. When you shine your light, you light up another. It’s infused with more heart this way. 

How can you redefine your approach to marketing?

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