4 Essential (and Simple) Rules for Copywriting-2

4 Essential (and Simple) Rules for Persuasive Copywriting

Need your copywriting to stand out a bit more? Here are 4 writing tricks that will instantly make you more persuasive.

These copywriting tricks are simple but massively important!

  1. Do talk with one person at a time. 

Have you ever started emails or videos with “Hi everyone” or talk about “all of you out there” all the time? Well, chances are, people aren’t reading your emails or watching your videos in groups. They’re going to read and tune in to your content individually and will likely want to feel as though you are connecting with just them. Pro tip: format your emails so that each one starts with “Hi [first name”] which will seem even more personal. 

  1. Do use contractions.

You’re allowed to sound like a human! We don’t all talk like robots 24/7. I’m vs. I am. We’re vs. We are. Gone are the days of formal-sounding communication. You want to sound human, more personal and more conversational. Contractions make your copy instantly sound more persuasive and easy to read. Pro tip: you can even use words like “gonna” and “kinda” and “sorta” – because that’s how we talk and text these days! If it’s appropriate for your market, anything goes.

  1. Do use numbers in your headlines.

In your headlines, are you giving readers “money saving tips” or are you giving readers “three tips that will save you at least $100 a week?” Are you selling “quick and easy recipes” or are you selling “quick and easy recipes with 5 ingredients or less?” Can you tell the difference? Which ones sound more persuasive? Pro tip: try to use a number as the very first word in your headlines.

  1. Do use concrete instead of abstract language. 

This is a big one! You must know the difference between concrete and abstract language. Example: get rid of the belly bulge vs. get healthy. One is specific and concrete, and the other is general and abstract. The goal with this rule is to always use concrete, specific language that engages the reader and really helps them picture their situation. Pro tip: start with a vague headline then get more specific with each new one. Keep going until it feels concrete.

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