All about the CTA

The CTA: Don’t Miss Another Sale

Here we’re going to talk about a timeless marketing tactic that can really change how you convert leads to sales. It’s called the Call to Action, or CTA.

The Marketing Tool You Need

Every piece of marketing that you put out there needs to have at least one CTA. Most of us make the mistake of assuming that our customers know what we want them to do next. We forget to put a call to action in every piece of marketing that we create. (I’ve been guilt of this many, many times!)

Including a CTA is referred to as direct action marketing. You want your prospective customers to see your message and take direct action, which usually results in clicking on a link, joining the conversation, or contacting you, in response to your marketing message

Here are some sample CTAs:

  • Click to read more
  • Reply to this email
  • Leave a comment
  • Click here
  • Buy now
  • Register now
  • Order now

These are the kind of action steps that we want people to take. If your goal is to make sales, you must tell your prospects exactly what to do to take action.

However, don’t jam up the marketing message with a bunch of CTAs. You only need one! The general rule of thumb is to have one clear call to action per marketing piece. For example, one flyer should have one call to action. One email should have one call to action. Keep each marketing piece focused and streamlined in order for people to know exactly what to do and take the desired action. 

So, let’s make sure you’re using clear CTAs with this CTA self-check exercise. 

Step 1: Review all of your marketing materials, from your website to your blog to your email marketing to your social media. Does every piece of marketing out there have one clear, direct CTA

Step 2: If not, make a plan to update each marketing piece. Moving forward, make sure you always include one CTA for all marketing and promotional pieces you create. 

Step 3: When reviewing any marketing or sales material moving forward, ask yourself, “Is is it crystal clear that there is one action someone should take?” If not, rework that marketing piece so that there is one clear CTA.

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