The Soul-Powered Business Program

Enrollment Is Open: The Soul-Powered Business Program

Let’s talk about an affliction I see so often in big-hearted business owners… I like to call it: The Business Burnout Bug 

And it’s a nasty one.


  • Fumbling around… chasing one shiny thing after the next… looking for all the answers outside of themselves…
  • Chronic fatigue… from flailing, spinning your wheels, doing all the things, wondering if you’re doing it right…
  • Imposter syndrome bouts… “how dare I be so great and shine so bright!?”
  • Comparisonitis attacks… “they do it & say it so much better though…”
  • Confusion… “why is entrepreneurship working out for everyone but me?”
  • Stuck in inaction… you’ve tried everything and don’t know where to turn next…
  • Moments of self-doubt and hopelessness…
  • Weakness of the faith muscle…

Causes (varies):

  • Cultural: Seldom focus on inspiration. 
  • Environmental: Constant beratement of limiting narratives and distractions. The pathological need to start something new but never see it through. 
  • Social: The desire to be liked. To conform. The need to prove your worth through what you know, rather than who you are. The rampant use of an outdated, broken approach to marketing. 
  • Biological: Overthinking. Analysis paralysis. Driven by the need to control.

Treatment: The Soul-Powered Business Program

A new way to market yourself that is led entirely by your soul. Powered by 3 practical and straightforward methods that help you discover, define and *decide* how you will show up, be seen and shine. Supported with over a dozen supplemental lessons. Accompanied by as many workbooks and bonus resources. Backed by a community of soul-powered entrepreneurs. Fortified through live calls with your soul-powered guide: me. 

No filler. No fluff. Just what you need to create the transformation within yourself and your business AND start building momentum NOW.

And it opens for enrollment TODAY. 

These premiere launch specials expire FOREVER on May 6:

  • Get a 1-hour 1:1 Session with Christina to be used in May 2022
  • Get a homepage review & analysis of your website by Christina in May 2022
  • Get interviewed by Christina in her Soul-Powered Series on IG
  • Submit a blog post to be featured here in the Soul-Powered Scoop 

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