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3 Ways to Achieve Aligned Productivity

3 Ways to Achieve Aligned Productivity

The best type of productivity is aligned productivity. 

It’s the kind that isn’t keeping you busy just to be busy. It’s the kind of productivity that feels good, that inspires you, that doesn’t burn you out. Here are my top 3 tips for achieving this type of aligned productivity:

  1. Tune into your nature. This is essentially training you to tune into your body and mind more. As women, we are not designed to exert the same amount of energy day after day like men. By tuning into our natural cycles, we can get better acquainted with our energy levels as they fluctuate every month. It’s called cycle syncing and you’re basically synchronizing your cycle to your output of energy, because each phase of your cycle requires different needs and behaviors.
  2. Prioritize your needs. This means that you are reacting to your needs, any of them, as you are being productive. If you feel like you need to rest, you rest. If you feel like you need to burn some energy on a run, go for a run. If you feel like you need to write, then write. This is about prioritizing your needs and allowing whatever you need to be considered being productive, because it is. You’re literally nourishing yourself the way that your body needs you to.Productive doesn’t mean being go, go, go all the time. Stillness is productive too. 
  3. Get hyper intentional about the elements of your life that you can control. And this is where The LIFE Method comes in. Within the LIFE method, you identify your desired lifestyle, your desired identity, your desired feelings and your desired expression. It’s an acronym. These are the elements of life that you can control. When I regularly do the method from both a personal and professional standpoint, I come away with knowledge that informs my next steps, my next tasks, my daily schedule, things I need to be aware of, things I need to let go of, things I need to focus on, decisions I need to make. And these are all coming from a place of empowerment and alignment because I’m tapping into my desires. I’m not coming from a place of fear and lack and uncertainty, because when you make choices based on fear and lack and uncertainty you will most likely sustain that fear and lack and uncertainty.

How can you ensure that your productivity is truly aligned?

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Craving truth? Start with Who You Are and What You Want

Craving truth? Start with Who You Are and What You Want

Isn’t that the truth?!

Now more than ever, it’s hard to decipher between fact and fiction, truth and lies, disinformation and information. 

And I’m not just referencing what’s going on in the world – I’m talking about what’s going on in our own journeys too, entrepreneurial or otherwise.

Perhaps the best thing we can do in times of confusion and noise is to shift our focus from what’s happening around us to what’s happening within.

There is an inner knowing within you that is just waiting for you to let it guide you. 

I’ve made my biggest progress, both personally and professionally, when I’ve let my inner guidance take the lead. When I’m facing a decision, or a challenge, or even next steps, consulting with myself first, and then moving in faith towards what feels inspired, has never failed me. 

If this sounds complicated to you, or even too magical and mystical, The L.I.F.E. Method takes a foundational approach to helping you design your life and business with intention by helping you clarify your desires (aka – the language of your soul) in all areas where you have the ability and the free will to do so. 

Click HERE to download the free mini course. 

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Grow with the Flow

Grow with the Flow

Grow with the flow. That is my mantra for the month of September.  

As we all know, with every new season comes a new flow. Typically September offers plenty of “back to school, back to basics, back to the routine” vibes. But for me, in this season of my life and business, my vibe is all about the flow.

Over the past few weeks, I have been in major nesting mode. For anyone new around here, my family is expecting our second baby boy in just a few weeks. And so, I have not only been preparing for the arrival of our little boy, but also organizing and redesigning every area of our home to create more space for rest, play, creativity, and growth for everyone.

And now that I’m only a few weeks away from my due date, I began to also strategize content ideas for my business. This was my way of planning ahead so that I can still show up for my communities. But then I realized…

That’s not real. That’s not how I really want to show up. And as I say: If it doesn’t align, it’s not worth the time. 

Honestly, I whole-heartedly believe that my greatest contribution to your business growth and evolution will be the real, true, authentic moment-to-moment voice I share as I live, grow and evolve during this season of my life and business. 

That voice sounds like something to look forward to. And it feels so good to think about. 

What would happen if you consciously shared more relevant, real-time content that reflected your life and business journey?

Here’s one way to accomplish this: Set up a time to journal what you are moving through either at the start or the end of the day, without the intention of sharing it. Soak it in, and then decide if and what can be shared in the most relevant, compassionate and authentic way.

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Defining Failure in Business

You Get to Define Failure Just as You Get to Define Success

We’re often asked to think about what success means to us, to truly define it based on our hopes, dreams, values and beliefs. But how often are we asked to think about what failure means to us? 

Have you failed if you haven’t reached a certain level of income yet? Have you failed if you don’t have a certain number of clients? 

And vice versa… have you succeeded once you’ve reached a certain level of income? Have you succeeded once you’ve attained a certain number of clients? What is success, and what is failure anyway?

Here’s what I think – the only meaning anything has is the one we give to it. 

What if failure only meant feedback? What if instead of consciously avoiding missteps and mistakes, we welcomed them? 

Would we take more risks?

Would we be more brave?

If you knew “failure” (aka feedback,) was inevitable, and accepted it, how would that change who you are as a person and as a business owner? How would it change how you view success?

Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart. I can tell you from my 8+ years of experience with my own business, it’s quite a ride. It comes with the highest highs and lowest lows.

But the *possibility* of bringing a dream to life makes it all worth it. There’s nothing like taking a chance on yourself and succeeding. 

Because you get to decide what succeeding means to you anyway… Maybe simply by starting and sticking to it, you’ve already succeeded. 

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Finding Balance & Peace

How I Am Able to Find Balance & Peace Amidst the Chaos

If you enjoyed my “Do Less to Achieve More” motto (plus tips and training) last week, then you’ll really appreciate what I’m sharing this week – all about balance and peace.

In a podcast interview I pre-recorded on Friday with The Visionaries Collective, one of the questions I was asked related to the topic of balance and peace and how we in the wellness community generally agree that this is the gold standard for a life well lived. So they asked, “What are a few of your favorite tips to achieve balance and peace?”

Here’s what I said…

  • Prioritize yourself. (Because, if you’re not thriving, nothing around you will.)
  • Delegate. (Because, you don’t need to do it all by yourself.)
  • Limit distractions. (Because, sanity.)

However, since you’re a member of my community, I want to invite you to consider a few more…

  • Focus on what you can control. Admittedly, as a recovering control freak, I struggle with this. Being pregnant during a pandemic that has recently escalated has not been easy. Running a business based on a new model – an e-learning model – has required much more patience and inner strength than originally thought. However, if I focus on what I can do, and what is possible for me, the perspective changes. What can you look at differently that is seemingly out of your control?
  • Commit to yourself. I wake up early to meditate. It’s currently the only time of day where I’m able to be silent, without distractions and just be at home within myself. When I sleep in, or skip this part of my day, I notice a big difference in my mood and energy levels. Meditation and my spiritual practice keeps me grounded and aligned. And by committing to it, I commit to myself. What can you commit to that feels like coming home to yourself? 
  • Maintain faith. Even with everything that has occurred with the pandemic, with my business, within my life over the past few years – when I look at who I was then versus who I am now, it was all so, so worth it, and SO necessary… The dark times when I didn’t think I could pivot; The fragile moments when I was scared to hit “send” or “publish” on a vulnerable story; The tears and anguish over losing clients and pouring money and resources I didn’t have into a new vision. I knew then like I know now – my success is not only possible, it’s imminent. What can you do to keep the faith on something you know will work out?

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Are You Persevering

Are you persevering?

I had the most interesting dream last night about persevering.

In the dream, I had to hold onto the side of a large ship with a bunch of other people in order to ride out a series of giant waves. It was scary for me at first, but then became fairly easy once I grounded my footing and allowed myself to move with the current. The people who chose to ride the waves (myself included) were rewarded. 

This dream doesn’t take a lot of interpretation to understand what it means, and I find it can be relevant to us all. I believe that it was a reminder to simply ride the waves of life. 

Are you riding the waves? Are you secure in your footing, flowing with the current, and trusting that you won’t let go? In other words, are you persevering? 

Whether you are just starting a business, in new territory or more seasoned, the current around you is always changing.​​ The waves of life will lead you in new directions, carry you far beyond your comfort zone, and even leave you feeling adrift, lost and “off the map.”

But you do have some control. You get to decide how you’ll ride those waves.

(And by the way, the L.I.F.E. Method helps you discover the how, so that you can be ready for wherever the tide takes you.)

Here’s going with the flow AND making some waves.

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This Might Be Why You’re Not Upleveling Your Business

This Might Be Why You’re Not Upleveling Your Business

As an entrepreneur, I’m constantly looking for ways to put me and my business out there. It wasn’t always like this though. For so long, I tried to stay behind-the-scenes and low profile. I was afraid of visibility, like so many of us are. I got by, but by the time I made my pivot to exclusive e-learning in 2020, I knew that old strategy wasn’t going to last.

Fast forward to mid-2021, and I have a solid plan of action for my business. I have clarity around what I do, who I help, why I do it and how. I have daily and weekly tasks and objectives to ensure that I stay consistent with my strategy. And I am actively challenging myself with mindset work through a variety of resources and leaders. 

I know better than anyone that entrepreneurship is more often than not a long game. You’ve got to stick with it. And not only that, you have to flow with it. As someone who’s been in business for over 8 years now, my company has evolved from something similar to a marketing agency to the brand name that it is today. The mission, message and methods have changed as well. 

Here’s the thing – even though I’m aware of the long game, even though I’m doing the work, even though I’m showing up, I get impatient. And because of my impatience, I question everything – the messaging, the strategy, the offer. I haven’t quite grasped the notion of going with the flow and trusting the process. It’s hard to do so when I’m so used to and comfortable taking the steering wheel myself. 

While trusting the process is part of my dilemma, I also know that change begins with me. And so, I’ve had to ask myself: Am I too comfortable with what I have in front of me? Is that why I am not upleveling? Is what I have right now serving me so well that I don’t feel the urge to expand myself even more? 

This urge doesn’t necessarily translate to doing more; but perhaps not thinking big enough. Am I thinking big enough? Am I doing big things? Or am I comfortable with what I’m doing and with where I am so much so that I’m subconsciously self-sabotaging and feeling that “upper limit” hit the ceiling? 

The answer is something I still need to discover, but I have decided to do my L.I.F.E. Method over again to find out. The interesting thing about the method is that once your life starts to look like what you’ve mapped out, it’s time to expand and think bigger. Personally, I believe that I have subconsciously set an upper limit that I need to challenge, and luckily the method will set me up for the next uplevel. 

So, ask yourself: What circumstances in your life are serving you so well that you’re comfortable with them? Is there a need to uplevel? And if so, how do you stretch yourself a little more to get there?

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When We Embody We Receive

When We Embody, We Receive

Last week, I shared what I learned about myself after completing The L.I.F.E. Method recently. This week, I’m going to talk about how this knowledge informs the way we embody and approach “putting ourselves out there” in a totally new, intentional and mindful light.

First things first though, before we embody, we must be fully aware of the power within us to actually embody, change, and become. After all, the life (business, relationships, etc.) of your dreams will only come as fast as you’re able to fully receive and sustain it. 

On my social media platforms, I posted a picture of my son and I that was taken a year ago this weekend. When I first saw it, I felt like it took place 5 years ago. This was before my business pivot and before I created my signature program. This was before I changed everything in my business so it was aligned with who I am and what I want. 

We evolve and change moment to moment, but I can say with absolute certainty that there has been no greater growth in my life than that of the past year. 

And if I could pinpoint only one factor that has had the biggest transformative effect on me over that time period, it would be the method that I created so that I could design my life and business consciously, intentionally, with my soul leading the way. 

Change is possible. Reality is malleable. Your identity, your circumstances, your future are not fixed. 

During a meditation I did earlier this week, one of the questions I was pondering was: “How do I harness the power that is within me and longs to be realized?”

The answer I got is to simply believe in it. To believe in the power that exists within you and your capacity to utilize it. 

Remember: If you can dream it, you can build it, but first you’ve gotta believe in it.

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The Time is Now to Review Your Life

The Time is Now for Your LIFE Review

“Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.”

That’s the funny thing about life. We are often in the mindset of: “Why is this happening to me?” Rather than, “How is this happening for me?”

I can’t tell you how many people have said to me over the past few weeks, “Christina I’m feeling creatively blocked. My communication is “off.” I’m simply unable to show up for my business at the moment.”

I’ve certainly been feeling it myself. I’ve been feeling uninspired and unmotivated to show up as consistently and passionately as I had in the past. I don’t think it’s necessarily a loss of interest in my business. I think it’s more likely a much needed breath of fresh air to create intentionally again.

It’s easy to get caught up in the mindless hustle and forget that what we are really wanting to do is bring forth that mindful magic.

I follow a variety of astrological and spiritual podcasts, blogs, industry leaders, etc., and so, I know that there are some major forces at play this month. I was expecting the low energy and the heaviness that this month would bring.

However, instead of what I would have done in the past – which consists of pushing myself to work through it, forcing the words and messages to come out of me, and efforting my way through this challenging time, I’m doing something different. 

I’m taking it slow and steady.

I’ve been quieter on my platforms, easier on my schedule, and more flexible with my workflow. I have a few birthday month promotions going on, but for the most part, I’m letting things be. I’m observing my emotions and behaviors and triggers. 

And most importantly, I’m doing a major review of my life through The L.I.F.E. Method mini course. (Yes, I refer back to my own method too when I need it.)

Now more than ever, we have the opportunity to really be intentional about how we want to live and work. And even more, we have the ability to reveal more of the “why” behind what we do, who we help, and what we offer. This knowledge creates everything. It creates our strategy, our schedules, our messages, etc. 

And so, this week I’ll be diving heart first into my method to discover what I need to focus on right now so that my next moves are intentional and informed.

How will you use this time to review, reassess, re-strategize, and refresh?

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What Could The L.I.F.E. Method™ Do For You?

What Could The L.I.F.E. Method™ Do For You?

Why I Created This Method

As a marketing consultant, I get asked all the time: 

  • “What content should I share?
  • “What should I focus on?”
  • “What should I talk about?”

What they’re really asking is… “How should I show up for my business?”

Believe it or not, you already know how you want to show up. It’s already within you, and the L.I.F.E. Method ™ pulls it out of you. It asks you all the right questions to get you the answers to yours.

In early June of 2020, my last paying client called me and said, “Christina, I’m so sorry, but we’re unable to pay you anymore.”

The client was a small business based in Evanston where they provided offices and treatment rooms for wellness practitioners. I had been working with them since 2013, the year I launched my business.

A part of me was devastated… “How on Earth will I provide for my family with no clients?” And another part of me was relieved… “I can focus more on the kind of work I actually want to do now.” The latter was confusing at first. I had a very real problem with my business and somehow I felt relieved about it. 

So, I took a deep dive into it. I thought about how I wanted to spend my days – what I wanted to do when I woke up, what my ideal schedule would be each day, and what I wanted to be grateful for every night. I not only considered what I wanted my day-to-day to look like, I made decisions about what I didn’t want it to look like. I didn’t want to have a schedule full of meetings. I didn’t want to work on other people’s projects. I didn’t want to make long term commitments.

I basically took a deep dive into my desired life, and discovered that what I really want to do was create. I wanted to teach. I wanted to be a resource for inspiration. I wanted to write and speak out. I wanted to creatively and heartfully express my messages day in and day out.

Without this clarity I wouldn’t have the passion. And without the passion, I wouldn’t have the drive to persevere. And I knew deep down that so many entrepreneurs can benefit from this type of introspection as well. 

So I created The L.I.F.E. Method™: A method that not only helps you remember why you started your business, but it helps you figure out how you want to show up while you’re bringing it to life.

And here’s a sneak peek of what it entails…

What clarity could The L.I.F.E. Method give you?

Click here to access.

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