CGC - 3 Rules to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed with Social Media Marketing

3 Rules to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed with Social Media Marketing

In this blog, I’ll share with you my personal perspective on social media marketing (since I get asked about it so frequently) and then I’ll provide you with access to a social media tutorial that includes three rules to avoid social media overwhelm, along with a few tips and best practices to help you stay efficient with your efforts.

My Thoughts on Social Media Marketing

My personal opinion of social media marketing is truly based on my experience and the results I’ve seen with my own clients and other successful business owners.

I am personally not a fan of focusing all of your attention and energy on building a social media presence. Of course, this perspective varies a bit if your business depends on social media, such as with influencers and bloggers. However, for those of us with small businesses, and with services that focus on helping others and making their lives better, I believe that email marketing should be your first priority and that social media marketing simply complements your efforts. This is because you own your email list and pay for your email distributor. You don’t own any social media platform or have any control over the algorithms.

I also don’t believe in being everywhere at once on social media. Wherever you are in your business, your time is limited, and you have to be really conscious about how you spend it. There are so many valuable platforms out there (FacebookTwitterInstagram, etc.) and each one has ever-changing features and updates that require even more time getting familiar with. Here’s the point: Don’t make the mistake of being everywhere at once. It’s difficult to do everything well or see results if you’re spread so thin. Remember, there is only so much time you can spend on building your online presence, and quality is important. The expectation to be on every platform and engage with people and publish regular content is just unrealistic. So, don’t get sucked into that mindset!

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