Grow with the Flow

Grow with the Flow

Grow with the flow. That is my mantra for the month of September.  

As we all know, with every new season comes a new flow. Typically September offers plenty of “back to school, back to basics, back to the routine” vibes. But for me, in this season of my life and business, my vibe is all about the flow.

Over the past few weeks, I have been in major nesting mode. For anyone new around here, my family is expecting our second baby boy in just a few weeks. And so, I have not only been preparing for the arrival of our little boy, but also organizing and redesigning every area of our home to create more space for rest, play, creativity, and growth for everyone.

And now that I’m only a few weeks away from my due date, I began to also strategize content ideas for my business. This was my way of planning ahead so that I can still show up for my communities. But then I realized…

That’s not real. That’s not how I really want to show up. And as I say: If it doesn’t align, it’s not worth the time. 

Honestly, I whole-heartedly believe that my greatest contribution to your business growth and evolution will be the real, true, authentic moment-to-moment voice I share as I live, grow and evolve during this season of my life and business. 

That voice sounds like something to look forward to. And it feels so good to think about. 

What would happen if you consciously shared more relevant, real-time content that reflected your life and business journey?

Here’s one way to accomplish this: Set up a time to journal what you are moving through either at the start or the end of the day, without the intention of sharing it. Soak it in, and then decide if and what can be shared in the most relevant, compassionate and authentic way.

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