How to Create a Memorable Brand Experience

How to Create a Memorable Brand Experience

Let’s talk about your brand experience.

The brand experience can be defined as all of the experiences your customer has over the course of the business relationship. This is also referred to as the before, during and after phase. This truly does include everything – from the discovery phase where they first find you, to the purchasing phase where they buy from you, to the actual servicing phase where they work with you, and to the post-nurturing and advocacy phase where they refer you to others. 

With the industry as saturated as it is, creating an exceptional and memorable customer experience is an absolute MUST for the before, during and after phase of your business relationship. You want to stand out and you want to make a good impression. So, you really have to think about how you can infuse compassion, love and goodness into every touchpoint that you have with your customers. The good news is that accomplishing this does not typically involve spending more, it simply involves caring more. 

So, I want you to think about how you can break your customer experience down into the before, during, and after phase. Through every phase you will think about how you can “wow” your customers and really exceed their expectations. You’ll want to consider every element of your business and touchpoint within your business.

Again, this is really a great opportunity to uplevel your businesses. You may have some downtime at the moment given the current climate, so make the best of it and start weaving in some unique practices and elements into your business. 

And when doing this, don’t think about how everyone else in your industry does it. This is one of those instances where we want to put more of YOU into your business. Think only about how you want to create your customer experience. What I love about this exercise is that it gives you an opportunity to review every touchpoint in your business and infuse more love and personality through every step of the process. It’s a fantastic opportunity to inject your heart and soul into your business. 

As a special bonus, I came up with a few ideas to help you think about ways you can creatively utilize this idea. Think about elements like: hand-written thank you cards, a follow up text, a free gift or guide, a free 15-min consultation, a protocol for winding down before the treatment, guidance cards for them to read at the end, a “waking up” protocol, a sequence of emails for at-home work, etc.

How will you improve your brand experience?

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