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Be Memorable: Share Your Hero’s Journey as Your Brand Story

Be Memorable: Share Your Hero’s Journey as Your Brand Story

Your Brand Story = Your Hero’s Journey

I’m guessing you didn’t just pick your career on a whim. There’s something there, and maybe you haven’t even realized it yet, that drew you to the thing that you do. There’s a greater purpose there, and therefore a greater reason. We all have a reason for being and we all have a reason for teaching what we teach, sharing what we share and practicing what we practice. The way to figure out this reason is by connecting the dots in an effort to put your hero’s journey together. 

Think about the people that you follow or the successful entrepreneurs that inspire you. What is it about them that you remember or that has left a mark on you? I’m guessing it’s their story, and it typically falls within this hero’s journey category. I’m going to provide a description of the hero’s journey now, from the perspective of a theatrical presentation.

The Hero’s Journey

Act I is the start of the hero’s journey. This is where the main character is called into a journey. Somehow they have received a sign, or a message, or a task at hand that must be achieved. Act I is also where the rules of the world are established. And, at the very end of this act, something challenging happens.

Act II is challenging for the main character. It represents the timeframe in which they look for every comfortable way to solve the problem they are facing. Whatever obstacle they must overcome or struggle they must endure, the main character will look for every possible way that they can get to where they want to be without risking it all.

Act III is the mountaintop of the hero’s journey. This is where the main character learns the lessons and proves that they have through their actions. This is where they are brave.

3 Questions to Support You

  1. Think about the origin story of your business – how you fell into what you do. What happened? Why is that meaningful? 
  2. Then think about how you’ve emerged as a hero in your industry. What happened in your journey that made you capable of helping others the way that you do? What do you help others achieve as a result of your own journey? 
  3. And finally how does your journey, as it relates to your business, reveal your true purpose?

Once people acknowledge and decide to share their stories, they do so in every instance they can. It seeps through all of their messaging and content – from the images they share, to the captions they write, to the quotes that resonate with. They bring it all back to their purpose which is rooted in their brand story. They’ve connected with their audience in a way that is relatable, inspiring and even transformational. They’ve built credibility and trust because they’ve been so vulnerable in sharing their paths. Furthermore, they’ve established their uniqueness by the only thing that no one can compete with – their unique story. 

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How to Create a Memorable Brand Experience

How to Create a Memorable Brand Experience

Let’s talk about your brand experience.

The brand experience can be defined as all of the experiences your customer has over the course of the business relationship. This is also referred to as the before, during and after phase. This truly does include everything – from the discovery phase where they first find you, to the purchasing phase where they buy from you, to the actual servicing phase where they work with you, and to the post-nurturing and advocacy phase where they refer you to others. 

With the industry as saturated as it is, creating an exceptional and memorable customer experience is an absolute MUST for the before, during and after phase of your business relationship. You want to stand out and you want to make a good impression. So, you really have to think about how you can infuse compassion, love and goodness into every touchpoint that you have with your customers. The good news is that accomplishing this does not typically involve spending more, it simply involves caring more. 

So, I want you to think about how you can break your customer experience down into the before, during, and after phase. Through every phase you will think about how you can “wow” your customers and really exceed their expectations. You’ll want to consider every element of your business and touchpoint within your business.

Again, this is really a great opportunity to uplevel your businesses. You may have some downtime at the moment given the current climate, so make the best of it and start weaving in some unique practices and elements into your business. 

And when doing this, don’t think about how everyone else in your industry does it. This is one of those instances where we want to put more of YOU into your business. Think only about how you want to create your customer experience. What I love about this exercise is that it gives you an opportunity to review every touchpoint in your business and infuse more love and personality through every step of the process. It’s a fantastic opportunity to inject your heart and soul into your business. 

As a special bonus, I came up with a few ideas to help you think about ways you can creatively utilize this idea. Think about elements like: hand-written thank you cards, a follow up text, a free gift or guide, a free 15-min consultation, a protocol for winding down before the treatment, guidance cards for them to read at the end, a “waking up” protocol, a sequence of emails for at-home work, etc.

How will you improve your brand experience?

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CGC - Empowered Marketing Workshop Series

New Workshop Series Starting Soon!

Many business owners out there never put “marketing” and “easy” in the same sentence.

After all, it can be complicated! How many times have you researched the latest marketing tactics only to feel confused, frustrated, overwhelmed and unsupported? How often do you find yourself spending time throwing marketing ideas at the wall to see what (if anything) sticks?

Good news: I can teach you how to market your business.

I can help you put an end to:

  • Hounding clients who aren’t in alignment with you or who don’t want to pay you what you’re worth,
  • Banking on discounts and deals,
  • Duct-taping your marketing strategy together, and
  • Expecting free marketing webinars and downloads to change your circumstances (there’s a reason they’re free).

How can I help you? I relish in developing plans and protocols. I enjoy being knowledgeable about all things marketing. I thrive on organization, and I love simplification. I use these skills to help my clients make marketing easy. And yes, I just used “marketing” and “easy” in the same sentence.

If you want to learn how to use smart, honest online marketing to reach more people, align with the right customers, and convert more visitors into buyers, this workshop series is for you.

Introducing: The Empowered Marketing Program Workshop Series

Through this series, you will finally be able to market your own business with confidence. You will gain the tools, skills, and insight to become a master of your own marketing. You will feel empowered to put your marketing in your own hands, ultimately fueling your profits, your purpose and your passion.  

Workshop Schedule:

Taking place every 2nd Wednesday from 12:00pm to 2:00pm for 7 months

Workshop Location:

Tribe – 1819 W. Belmont Ave. Chicago, IL 60657

Is this Workshop Series for You?

This series is for conscious, soulful, big-hearted entrepreneurs that want to either launch a business or change the way they market their current business online. Whether you are an action-oriented, ambitious beginner, or already successful but want to grow your audience and revenue online, this is the program for you. This program is perfect for service-based professionals, particularly in the wellness industry, such as coaches, therapists, trainers, and practitioners.

What You Get at Each Workshop:

  • Lecture followed by exercises, along with in-class feedback from Christina,
  • Bonus take-home items from each workshop, including resource lists & tutorials, and
  • A special discount offer on one-hour, one-to-one marketing clinics, which can be used at any point during the series, as often as you’d like.

What It Costs:

$50 per workshop or $270 for the entire series (a 10% discount!)

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Workshop Dates & Learning Objectives:

March 13: Defining Your Marketing Goals (Free Session!)

Take this free workshop to learn more about the program and to begin the process of building a strong, profitable business. This workshop will provide you with clarity about what you want and why you want it. You’ll outline your purpose, the people you’re serving, and the product (or service) that you’re selling. This workshop is also an opportunity for Christina to learn more about your business goals and become more acquainted with you as a person and entrepreneur.

April 10: Workshop 1: Planning Your Strategy to Stand Out to Your Ideal Customers

  • Discover your exact ideal customer and learn to think like them.
  • Position yourself by selling outcomes, rather than services.
  • Find out your strengths and what makes you unique.
  • Create your unique selling proposition.
  • Map out how your services and/or products will revolutionize the industry.
  • Outshine the competition by simply making them irrelevant.

May 8: Workshop 2: Enhancing Your Website, AKA Your Digital Storefront

  • Learn which website platform is right for you.
  • Find out exactly what your technical capabilities are when it comes to website design and development.
  • Uncover your website objectives and how they will convert leads to sales.
  • Tap into what your ideal customer wants to see, read and experience on your website.
  • Understand everything you need to make your website successful.
  • Analyze your website’s effectiveness with a simple yet comprehensive checklist.

June 12: Workshop 3: Positioning Your Offerings to Maximize Profits

  • Enhance your service offerings in a way that makes your customers’ lives easier, more convenient and more joyful.
  • Come up with “outside of the box” solutions that will sell your services at rapid-fire speed.
  • Create a Before/During/After strategy to promote customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Learn how to position, price and deliver your services in a way that builds loyal and raving fans.
  • Understand why discounts are unnecessary and potentially damaging (except under a few circumstances).
  • Set your prices at numbers that feel great and make financial sense.

July 10: Workshop 4: Communicating Your Message to Go Viral

  • Get familiar with the pros of content marketing and how you can integrate it into your business.
  • Develop a strategic plan to stay connected with your audience.
  • Generate content ideas and develop a 3-month content calendar.
  • Understand the value of SEO in content marketing and how to integrate it into your plan.
  • Write irresistible headlines that gather clicks, conversions and could even go viral.
  • Offer value and insight directly related to what you are selling through content.

August 14: Workshop 5: Reaching Your Customers to Generate Leads Right Now

  • Find out why opt-ins on your website optimize and expedite success.
  • Create a smart, effective and winning opt-in offer for your website.
  • Learn why email marketing is the most essential and profitable strategy for your marketing plan.
  • Develop an email marketing plan with specific methods to promote your business.
  • Generate leads immediately and at no cost to you.
  • Explore 25 free list building strategies.

September 11: Workshop 6: Marketing Your Business with Proven Strategies

  • Become more comfortable with marketing and find out why and how you can become a phenomenal (and ethical!) marketer.
  • Consider 20 additional and effective marketing strategies that you can try right now.
  • Learn 4 research-driven pricing strategies to add to your marketing toolbox.
  • Create or enhance your current pricing strategies to sell better.
  • Get the best formatting formula that can be used for a PR pitch or a sales letter.
  • Write headlines and copy that makes traffic click.

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About Christina:

All too often, confident, capable entrepreneurs have business dreams that can help others and change the world, but they lack the marketing knowledge and skills required to make it a reality. That’s where I come in. I will arm you with the tools, strategies and resources required for you to do it all yourself – in a way that not only saves you time, but makes you more money.

I have a deep commitment to those that want to consciously and authentically make a difference through their businesses, and I want to help you get the word out. My passion is to help you build the business you desire and deserve through honest and authentic marketing practices.

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CGC - 4 Ways to JumpstartYour MarketingThis Season

4 Ways to Jumpstart Your Marketing Strategy this Season

The back to school vibe is all around – we’re heading back indoors, back to full work days (so long, summer hours!), back to the strategy boards and ready to take on the fourth quarter of 2018. Right now is the best time to take advantage of the energy of the season and use it to revitalize and jumpstart your business marketing. Take a look at the four strategies below for some tips on how to freshen up your marketing, prepare for the end of the year, and launch campaigns that will hopefully increase your sales and your bottom line.

  1. Get very clear on your brand. Powerful messaging requires a strong identity. Before you launch any marketing campaign, you must be clear on your brand – what you stand for, how you want to appear in the world, who you are targeting, and why you’re the best solution for them. Now is a great time to do some branding exercises or even attend a branding workshop. By being crystal clear on your brand, you’ll be able to figure out marketing avenues that are more aligned and intentional.
  2. Launch a thoughtful and action-oriented email campaign, and then complement it with social media efforts. As many of you know, I believe email marketing to be paramount to any successful marketing plan. Set up an automated campaign, a drip campaign or just a few e-blasts within a third party email distributor, like MailChimp, and be super intentional with your messaging. When complimenting your efforts on social media, focus on where your ideal customers are located – are they on Facebook? Twitter? Snapchat? Wherever they are is where you need to be.
  3. Find like-minded brands and influencers to collaborate with and cross promote. Once you have figured out your brand identity, including the specific audience you’re targeting, you can align with those businesses that may have similar audiences but provide different services. For example, if you own a yoga studio, check out brands within the “health foods” or “yoga clothing” industries. Broaden your company’s awareness by aligning with them and creating strategic partnerships.
  4. Take a look at what your competition is doing. Instead of trying to look at what they do and snag their ideas, you would create a “strategy canvas,” which is a visual representation of your business in the industry. On this canvas, you would map out what the competition is doing, from their pricing to their offerings, and then map out your business, with the intention of differentiating yourself. I discuss this exercise in depth in my blog post about the Blue Ocean Strategy book. The exercise requires leadership, creativity and really trying to revolutionize the industry.

Through these four tips, you’re well on your way to ending the 2018 on the right foot. Each one does take some time and effort, but none of overwhelming. How do you plan on jumpstarting your business this season?

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CGC: Finding a Blue Ocean in a Sea of Red

Finding a Blue Ocean in a Sea of Red: Differentiating Yourself from the Competition

About the Blue Ocean Strategy

As a marketing strategist, I’m often asked by my clients, “how do I differentiate myself from the competition?” Aside from focusing on a niche market and utilizing a unique selling proposition, there’s another systematic way to effectively make your competition irrelevant. It involves being a leader, getting creative and really trying to revolutize your industry.

There is an incredibly insightful book called Blue Ocean Strategy, written by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne. The lessons from this book are so powerful that it’s even included in my Empowered Marketing program, as one of the strategies that I teach. Here’s a quote from it that essentially explains the purpose and goal:

“The only way to beat the competition is to stop trying to beat the competition. In red oceans the industry boundaries are defined and accepted, and the competitive rules of the game are known. In blue oceans, competition is irrelevant because the rules of the game are waiting to be set.

“The creators of blue oceans, surprisingly, didn’t use the competition as their benchmark. Instead of focusing on beating the competition, they focus on making the competition irrelevant by creating a leap in value for buyers and your company, thereby opening up new market space.” [W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne]

The core concept of the idea is this: instead of focusing your branding efforts in a red ocean, which is bloody from all the cutthroat competition in a crowded industry of the same businesses, you want to create a beautiful blue ocean through thinking differently about your industry. Doing this will obviously require you to step up and take some risks.

Using the Blue Ocean Strategy

In order to make this idea applicable to your business, the tool used is called a “strategy canvas.” It’s a very simple visual representation of your business in the current industry. 

If you’d like to give it a shot, start by mapping out what the competition is doing in your industry – from their pricing, to offerings, to delivery, or anything that comes to mind. Then, map out your business and how you can differentiate yourself from your competition within those same elements (pricing, offerings, delivery, etc.).

Some questions you want to ask yourself during this process include: What are the industry norms? What does everyone else focus on? How can you really be different?

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