How to Identify Your Niche

How to Identify Your Niche

Today I’m going to be talking about your niche, and we’re going to cover a few things. First, I’ll talk about what a niche is, then I’ll talk about why you need one, and then I’ll go into some questions to ask yourself to help you find yours. Following the more practical aspect of this, I’ll talk about it from a soulpreneur perspective, so that you can digest this in a way that is aligned.

What is a Niche?

A niche is essentially a segment of a larger market distinctive of its own unique needs, preferences and identity. It’s small, specific and very well known to you.

Here’s the thing – while it’s lovely to want to help everyone, focusing your love and energy on a specific group is a much more effective way to go. A niche is essentially a larger group of your ideal customers who all have a specific and common challenge or dream.

How to Find Your Niche

Here are some questions to ask yourself to find out your niche:

  1. What’s the personality of your audience?
  2. How does your audience want to feel?
  3. What stressed them out and keeps them up at night?
  4. What do they secretly wish for?
  5. What common life experiences or background do you and your audience share?
  6. Who do they love and what do they buy already?
  7. How are you similar and different to who they already love and what they already buy?
  8. Now start focusing on what you can offer them. What does your audience nee and what can you give them?
  9. If your offerings exist on the market, what’s your audience buying and from whom?
  10. What makes you and your products different? What makes your offerings unique?
  11. What does you audience need that isn’t available yet or accessible to them?
  12. There needs to be ease and joy in creating your offerings, what feels good for you and utilizes your gifts and talents?

An Aligned Approach to Finding Your Niche

There’s a quote that works very well with this topic, by Frederick Beuchner. He says: “Your vocation in life comes from where your greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need.” This refers to something that I like to call the “sweet spot” in business. It’s somewhere in the middle of what you most want to deliver and what your customers most want to buy. 

For those of us who feel that our work is our calling rather than just a means to an end, finding a niche is so important. It’s all about identifying what matters to you at the core of your being. If you believe your soul work is linked to your physical work, you have something to do here. And that one thing that matters to you is the anchor. 

Until you identify this message that you are meant to express here, your business will be too dispersed. Of course, this process is a journey, just as our life purpose is a journey rather than a category. When you find your voice and define your work around how you choose to make an impact, your business comes alive in a new way. When you own the truth of who you are and what you are here to do, what you actually do here becomes aligned. And you become empowered.

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