How to Know You’re On the Right Track

How to Know You’re On the Right Track

How do I know if I’m on the right track? Well, lately…

I’ve been doing something crazy. 

I took off the summer. 

Made it a vacation for myself and the boys. 

Unplugged. Relaxed. Had fun. 

And it was wonderful. 

Because it made me realize that I’m done.  

  • Done feeling like I’m obligated to show up in any way that isn’t aligned with me. 
  • Done feeling like I have to build my business based on what the experts have to say. 
  • Done feeling like I can’t shine too bright.

I think it’s time for a refreshing perspective about what business *can* be about. 

Your business is allowed to flow through you, around you, and from you – based on you and you alone. 

The direction of it, the vibe of it, the way that it provides for you, lights you up, gives you an outlet for creativity, service and expression… the entirety of your business is up to you.

The worst thing you can do for your business is follow someone else’s path. It simply wasn’t meant for you. 

But if the direction you’re taking feels inspired..

If it feels guided…

If it lights you up…

If it gives you that feeling of “yay” and “I’ve got this”…

If it compels you to love yourself and appreciate yourself in a deeper way…

You’re right on track. 

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