Re-Aligning for Greater Ease

Re-Aligning for Even More Ease

In a previous blog post, I talked about the energy of alignment – and that once you commit to living your life in an aligned way, there are energies around you that protect that alignment. I’m currently in a state of actively re-aligning.

It’s kind of like being in the late third trimester of pregnancy… when you’re reconfiguring your environment and way of living to prepare for this new life. 

After the initial launch of my Soul-Powered Business Program, I realized that there are still some elements that weren’t entirely in alignment with how I want the program to run on its own and also with how I want my members to consume it. 

This doesn’t require going back to the drawing board. It simply requires pivots.

Alignment is, more often than not, a series of pivots you make in an effort to become one with your soul – for how you want to live, be, work and show up for it all. 

A few questions I’m asking myself are:

  • How can I bring members from point A to point B even faster and in a simpler way?
  • How can I bring more joy and fun into the experience of moving from point A and point B?
  • How can I help people truly enjoy the pivot? How can I embody the joy of pivoting myself?

It really all comes down to ease. Re-aligning to ease is what I am currently moving through.

Are you embracing ease in your business, and if not, what kind of pivots do you need to make so that you can?

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