Simplify Your Life with a Few of My Favorite Tips from Top Influencers

It has become a recent trend to celebrate something or someone on specific days, weeks or months of the year. Whether it’s National Bacon Day or Immunization Awareness Month, there’s always a reason to celebrate the people, places, behaviors or things you appreciate in your life. This week (August 3 through August 9) is National “Simplify Your Life Week,” and to me, it’s a week that should be observed and celebrated, especially since it’s a time of change and movement. The weather is changing, we’re heading back to school, businesses are launching the last business quarter of the year, and the beloved summer season is coming to an end.

Given the timing of seasons and “Simplify Your Life Week,” I wanted to share some of my favorite “simplifying” tips from a few influencers that inspire me. Whether it’s simplicity through clarity, time management, or organization, simplifying your life is made easy through these tips. I hope they provide you with some insight on how to simplify your life and get ready for the end of the year!

Danielle LaPorte

“First: your feelings, then: your action plan. Clarity creates simplicity. When you’re clear on how you want to feel, you can be open to what life wants to give you. You’ll be anchored to the function, rather than the form. And this is really the essence of simplified living – a focus on what matters most. The house, the partner, the job may not “look” like what you wanted, or come when you expected, but if something or someone generates the positive feelings you’ve been longing for, you’ll be able to let that good stuff into your life.”

Tony Robbins

“It’s amazing how much more efficiently we use our time when we know exactly what we’re going for. Rather than spending that hour in traffic every day to listen to the radio, you might instead listen to audio for work or self-development. Instead of exercising and unplugging your mind, you might read on the treadmill. Or, instead of zoning out while you cook, you might also use that time to learn whatever information you need to get that much closer to your desired outcomes. When you achieve clarity and focus, you’ll find the time you need to make your dreams a reality because you’ll be propelled by a motivation and passion that you weren’t even aware of before. Remember, it’s not about the number of hours you have. It’s about using the hours you do have to maximize value.”

Bethenny Frankel

“I am a compulsive editor. I edit everything in my life, and by that I mean that I get rid of anything that is not immediately necessary and crucial for my existence. Old black tank top? Toss it. Shoes I haven’t worn in two months? They’re gone. A chair I haven’t sat in for a while? Get it out. That extra spatula? Toss it. Extra words in a sentence that don’t say exactly what I mean? Cut, cut, cut. In a way, being your own editor is like being your own advocate. It will help you find your truth, when there is just too much stuff in the way to see it clearly. See how you can apply it in your life — start with your closet, and end with your relationships.”

What are some of your favorite tips that you’ve used to simplify your life?

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