Video: How to Distribute Your Message Seamlessly & Effectively to Actively Grow Your Business

Content has been narrowly defined as how-to articles and case studies and infographics all proving your value and sharing your knowledge and skill set. Yes, this type of content has a place in the content marketing spectrum. But the kind of content that sells is what makes one person bond with another. It’s not always a case study. It’s not always a how-to tutorial. Sometimes it’s just a story. Sometimes it’s just a caption that’s filled with truthful human emotions. Sometimes it’s sharing our imperfections. Sometimes it’s being straight up raw and unfiltered. 

When you’re talking to your best friend about what you do through work, are you really sharing your case studies and skillset and overarching benefits? No, you’re sharing your passion, your purpose, your deep profound message behind why you do what you do. You’re sharing your worst moments and your greatest lessons and the time that you discovered this and that about yourself. You’re sharing what you value, what you hope to change in the world, and what you’re striving to help others with. 

That’s the type of content that matters. That’s the type of content that builds large personal brands. That’s the type of content that sells. This is the type of content that is essential to building and growing your brand and your business. Whether your objective is to grow your email list, sell your offerings, get asked to speak at events and host workshops, elevate your status as an expert in your industry, or increase your visibility on social media, content marketing is absolutely essential. It all starts with your message, your content, your voice. 

Are you letting yourself be seen through your content? 

In this video, we talked about:

  • The type of content that is absolutely essential to your business growth,
  • How I’m able to strategize 30 pieces of content in 30 minutes, 
  • My personal workflow (my proprietary system, funnel, and automations in place),
  • My best tips for saving time, improving efficiency, and getting organized, 
  • How I stay consistent by planning ahead, and 
  • 3 questions to ask yourself so that you can get started and be SEEN.

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