Video: My Approach to Conviction in Business called The Knowing

The theme that I chose for this month at the beginning of the year is Conviction, and more specifically Blossoming with Conviction. It’s about to be summer (on my birthday actually, June 21st), and people are heading outside more. There’s definitely a social vibe in the air. Like a blossoming/blooming kind of vibe. And that’s usually what happens in June anyway – things blossom. 

And so because of this, what I want to talk about today is Conviction. I think this will not only be beneficial for me but also for the people watching this. I hope that this lesson will resonate with you. It does come from my signature program, Journey to Your Calling, as Conviction is the third pillar of the program. 

When I refer to Conviction, I actually created a term I like to call “The Knowing” 

Now this might sound a little spooky at first, but I promise it’s everything that is good and light and lovely.

This is probably the most important piece of the soul-aligned business journey.

In this video, we talked about:

  • The weird place that I’m currently at in my business,
  • What Conviction has to do with anything in business, 
  • All about a new term that I like to call, The Knowing, 
  • The various scenarios that test us and how to overcome them,
  • 3 specific questions to ask yourself about your relationship to The Knowing, and
  • A few special offerings I have for my birthday month this June! 

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