You'll Never Have it All Figured Out

You’ll Never Have it All Figured Out

“I just have to get this figured out and then I can finally: (fill in the blank.)” How many times have you thought this in the course of your life?

Whatever it is that we are focusing on (be it parenthood, health, marriage, relationships, business, spirituality, etc.), there’s a desire to “figure it out” before we can finally: start the thing, take an action, change a behavior, be more present, take a break, the list goes on…

What I’ve come to realize is that for me, have it “figured out” often translates to: Let me put as much thought and energy and action into something so that I can have full control of the outcome and bypass any challenge or setback that comes my way. Sounds exhausting? Yes, yes it is. 

But what if instead of figuring it out, you believed life was figuring it out for you… *Queue the jaw drops, shutters, shakes, WHAT THE and HELL NAH vibes.* I hear you. That’s what I thought too. Until I realized that’s part of what I’m meant to teach you.

There’s a magical element to marketing that nobody talks about because nobody truly releases the pressure valve enough to embrace the emptiness that “figuring it out” fills up. I attempted to teach it through a “soul-powered” approach, but then God said, “nah, bigger.”

The approach might look different, but the methods stay the same. And they will soon be available in a self-study-only format. Because the vibe is you doing the dang thing in your time on your own timeline. 

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