3 Approaches to Brainstorming a Business Idea

3 Approaches to Brainstorming a Business Idea

As a marketing consultant, brainstorming ideas is one of my favorite things to do. It’s an opportunity to be creative, think outside of the box, and let my mind run wild. If you’re looking to come up with a business idea or expand your business in new ways, this blog will help you through three approaches to brainstorming business ideas

So, grab your favorite journal and a pen. At the top of the page, write “Business Idea Brainstorm.” Your goal is to come up with 10 business ideas, while having fun! 

3 Approaches to Brainstorming a Business Idea

Approach #1: Got 99 Problems? – Think about the problems you face. Is there a way for you to bring a new service or product as a solution to the challenges you come across? Is there a recurring problem or frustration that you wish there was a better solution for? 

Approach #2: Consider Your Strengths, Skills & Interests – I whole-heartedly believe that we are all born with a unique set of strengths, talents and skills. There are problems out there that you are uniquely qualified to help solve. So, dive deep into who you are and what you do naturally. How can you use your strengths, skills and interests to solve problems for others?

Approach #3: Borrow Brilliance – Now, this approach isn’t about looking at what other people are doing and copying them. This is about checking out what others are doing and see how you can apply what you want to do in your own unique way. Chances are there are businesses out there that can inspire you.

Once you have your ideas, review them and think about which ones are viable. 

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