3 Ways to Achieve Aligned Productivity

3 Ways to Achieve Aligned Productivity

The best type of productivity is aligned productivity. 

It’s the kind that isn’t keeping you busy just to be busy. It’s the kind of productivity that feels good, that inspires you, that doesn’t burn you out. Here are my top 3 tips for achieving this type of aligned productivity:

  1. Tune into your nature. This is essentially training you to tune into your body and mind more. As women, we are not designed to exert the same amount of energy day after day like men. By tuning into our natural cycles, we can get better acquainted with our energy levels as they fluctuate every month. It’s called cycle syncing and you’re basically synchronizing your cycle to your output of energy, because each phase of your cycle requires different needs and behaviors.
  2. Prioritize your needs. This means that you are reacting to your needs, any of them, as you are being productive. If you feel like you need to rest, you rest. If you feel like you need to burn some energy on a run, go for a run. If you feel like you need to write, then write. This is about prioritizing your needs and allowing whatever you need to be considered being productive, because it is. You’re literally nourishing yourself the way that your body needs you to.Productive doesn’t mean being go, go, go all the time. Stillness is productive too. 
  3. Get hyper intentional about the elements of your life that you can control. And this is where The LIFE Method comes in. Within the LIFE method, you identify your desired lifestyle, your desired identity, your desired feelings and your desired expression. It’s an acronym. These are the elements of life that you can control. When I regularly do the method from both a personal and professional standpoint, I come away with knowledge that informs my next steps, my next tasks, my daily schedule, things I need to be aware of, things I need to let go of, things I need to focus on, decisions I need to make. And these are all coming from a place of empowerment and alignment because I’m tapping into my desires. I’m not coming from a place of fear and lack and uncertainty, because when you make choices based on fear and lack and uncertainty you will most likely sustain that fear and lack and uncertainty.

How can you ensure that your productivity is truly aligned?

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