3 Ways to Make Your Customer Experience Unique

3 Ways to Make Your Customer Experience Unique

The customer experience can be defined as all of the experiences your customer has over the course of the business relationship, from start to finish. And this really does include everything! From the moment the customer first finds you, to the moment they purchase from you, to the moment where they use your product or service, to the moments when they refer you to others. 

Most industries are saturated. Therefore, the more creative we need to be in order to stand out from the crowd. Creating an exceptional and memorable customer experience is an absolute MUST for the before, during and after phase of your business relationship. If you want to stand out, then you’ve got to make a good impression. How can you make this happen? It all starts and ends with thinking about how you can infuse more radical compassion into every touchpoint that you have with your customers. The good news is that accomplishing this does not typically involve spending more; it simply involves caring more. 

Think about how you can break your customer experience down into the before, during, and after phase – the 3 pivotal areas that truly matter to your customers. Through every phase you will think about how you can “wow” your customers and really exceed their expectations. 

What is the psychology of your customer before they purchase? What are they looking for? How can you exceed their expectations before they buy anything? Think about as many ideas as you can in order to create an exceptional “before” experience. 

What would your ideal customer appreciate during the time they are consuming your product or experiencing your service? What would surprise or delight them? Write down as many ideas as you can in order to create an incredible “during” experience.

What would serve your customers after they experience your work? What would add value to their life and make them feel cared for? How can you reaffirm that they made the best choice to work with you? Think of as many ideas as possible in order to create an outstanding “after” experience.

And when doing this, don’t think about how everyone else in your industry does it. This is one of those instances where we want to put more of YOU into your business. Think only about how you want to create your customer experience. What I love about this exercise is that it gives you an opportunity to review every touchpoint in your business and infuse more love and personality through every step of the process. 

How will you improve your customer experience from start to finish?

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