3 Ways You’re Not Showing Up from a Place of Inspiration

3 Ways You’re Not Showing Up from a Place of Inspiration

One of my favorite quotes is, “To be inspired is to be in spirit.” The fact that “inspired” and “in spirit” look and sound so similar to each other is no coincidence. The idea is that when you are inspired, you are walking your spirit’s path. You are “in spirit.” Things click effortlessly, synchronicities abound, life and work are generally easier. Most importantly, sharing what’s on your mind and in your heart is simple.

However, when inspiration hits, we’re often thinking, “But is this relevant to my audience? Will they even care? Is sharing this going to benefit my business?” I’ve been there too and have asked the same questions. Allow me to say this plainly: Say what you want to say. Teach what you want to teach. Share what you want to share. If it’s inspired, it’s relevant. If it’s inspired, someone will care. If it’s inspired, it will benefit your business.

How? Because you are the brand. You are the “thing.” You are the business. Your unique personality, experiences, interests and opinions are meant to come out in your work, especially if you’re taking that soul-powered approach to business building! (And by the way, if you want to learn about the soul-powered approach to business building, the waitlist for The Soul-Powered Business Program is open! Click HERE to join the waitlist.)

Here are three ways you may not be showing up from a place of inspiration. Note: If any of the below apply to you, I want you to truly think about the root cause of this lack of inspiration. It’s time to call your power back and make the changes necessary for you to get aligned again.

  1. You feel as though you are just grinding away. Work is purely exhausting. Your business should never be the cause of your exhaustion. Look to lack of sleep or minimal self-care for that. Working on your business and in your business should be the breath of fresh air that you crave. It should leave you feeling at peace and completely in flow.
  2. You’re acting only out of pressure; not for the fun of it. Whenever you are “efforting” your way through your business, you are working against the current. You’re trying to make a strategy or model or vision work that simply isn’t for you. This doesn’t mean you’re not meant to be an entrepreneur. It simply means you’re meant to do business in a way that is aligned with your soul. 
  3. You compare yourself to others, judge yourself to oblivion and feel disempowered. When we are following our path, and our path alone, there is no competition. It simply doesn’t exist. When you are inspired, the negative distractions don’t seem to matter and the inner critic has nothing to criticize you about anymore. You are in your power. You are moving in the direction you were meant to move. 

We tend to overcomplicate and overthink our actions because there have been so many rules set in place. There are so many voices telling you what to do and what not to do. You were told to hustle and so you hustle. You were told to show up day in and day out, if it’s unaligned, and so you do that. You were told to research the competition, and so you did that. Take a hard stop on all of the above. Allow who you are, what you do, and what you want to share become clear first and foremost inside of you. 

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