stuck in social sharing paralysis? Read this.

Stuck in Social Sharing Paralysis? Read This.

I was recently talking to a colleague of mine, and she was in complete “social sharing paralysis.”

“I have all of these interests that I feel make me…well, me,” she said. “I know that I should focus on my business when I am marketing myself, but I feel the urge to get outside the box.”

“Then, please, for the love of all things holy, get outside of that box,” I replied.

She laughed, but when she realized I was serious, she started to see the potential and opportunity in what I was insisting that she do.

In a previous blog, I told you to say what you want to say. Teach what you want to teach. Share what you want to share. Sharing what feels inspired will only be confusing to your audience if it’s confusing to you. 

One of the biggest lies ever told to business owners is that they have to fit themselves into a tiny box, called a niche, and then share content that fits only within that box. As if buyers aren’t aware that there’s a multi-passionate, multi-dimensional human being on the other side of that business.

Your depth is meant to be shared. You never know who it will impact, who it will affect, and how it will be perceived, remembered and shared again by another. By being you, and by sharing more of yourself, you put something into the world that was not there before. Your wisdom expands and extends way past any “niche” could. 

Your objective as a business owner is to teach your audience how to think about you. Let them get to know you – the many pieces of you – so that they can make buying decisions that are actually aligned with the buyer consciousness of today. 

Believe it or not, there was a time when I questioned whether I should share content related to my daily life, as opposed to simply business content. There was a time when I thought, “Will my audience benefit from this story? Will they understand what I’m about if I share this?”

As someone who creates and shares content for a living, I decided that my audience is smart enough to grasp that I’m passionate about entrepreneurship, spirituality, motherhood, and wellness. My audience appreciates my daily musings related to what keeps me aligned and fulfilled – whether it be about my relationships, my business, my family or my wellbeing. If I happen to drift from these general themes, it’s because there’s an inspired reason. At the end of the day, my job is to use my voice for good, and my content reflects that privilege. 

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