5 Myths Busted about Marketing Consistently

5 Myths Busted about Marketing Consistently

If you caught me on IG, you know that this week I was chatting about all the myths around structure, discipline, responsibility – all the words that marketing consistently requires.

Let’s review:

Creating structure in your business is not a cage. 

Creating structure actually gives you freedom of movement and flow. 

When you create structure in your business, you create a container for it to exist in. The structure can include systems, automations, processes, protocols. In other words, it can exist without you wielding it 24/7. Anything that has structure is inherently safer, and therefore, more capable of providing, sustaining, and growing.

Even the ocean is contained. Even the sky is held.

Creating a plan you can stick to doesn’t hinder your creativity. It allows it to flow. 

This is for the entrepreneurs out there with a lot of ideas about their business and a lot to say about their business… and you haven’t expressed it yet. 

Why do you think you haven’t expressed these ideas and insights yet? Lack of time? Lack of energy? Lack of resources?

What if your solution was to put a chunk of your time and energy and resources into some prep work so that you can set yourself up for success? 

This is about creating the foundation for how you plan to show up for your business. What is required of you? And also – what can you do once and never have to think about again? (I’m talking templates, systems, automations, etc.)

At this point, you can then lean into your creativity, because a lack of structure hasn’t stopped the flow of it. 

Discipline doesn’t need to compromise your energy, integrity or wholeness. 

Discipline isn’t about running yourself into the ground; even though that’s what we’ve been taught and what is still admired to this day. 

The root word of discipline is “pupil” or “to learn.” It means self-education; not self-punishment. How can you commit to being a lifelong student of yourself? Of your craft? Or your behaviors, patterns? How does discipline foster who you are becoming?

All of the “quantum leaps” and “timeline shifts” that spiritual folks refer to require a new reality, a new identity, a new way of being and thinking. 

What is required of you from this new perspective of discipline?

Being responsible does not mean living in a pressure cooker. 

Responsibility simply means you have the ability to respond (to life) with integrity. You are capable. 

I get it. As someone who grew up with loads of “responsibility” put on my shoulders, I equated responsibility with pressure. “Be responsible!” Yikes. 

So, in business, I translated that to over-working myself into overwhelm. 

I know better now. We all do. I can commit to responsibility because I have chosen to live and work in integrity – with myself and with others. 

When you’re selling with soul, you’re just going with the flow.

Actually, integrity is the name of the game. 

There’s a belief that if you’re “selling with soul,” you’re not actually “doing” much. You’re simply doing what you feel like, what feels good, what comes through moment-to-moment, living by the seat of your pants. 

More often than not, when I’m acting in integrity, I’m doing hard things. 

I’m doing things that scare me. 

I’m doing things that are uncomfortable.

I’m doing things that make me feel like I’m “living on the edge.”

And all of the above is what is actually moving the needle. 

It’s not about controlling my energy.

It’s about honoring it. 

When you create a Creator Day, whether it’s a full day, a half day, or a 2-hour marketing session with yourself, you’re committing to the structure of your business, which is committing to its growth and sustainability.

You’re giving it what it needs to thrive.

So that you can receive more within it and from it. 

I have a Masterclass coming up on Monday, February 12 at 11am CST. 

A space where you will create the structure to support your marketing flow. 

What will we do in this space together? Here’s what I plan to teach and show you:

  • How to structure your very own weekly Creator day. (This is where you prep your marketing for the entire week ahead!)
  • Step by step suggestions for your Creator Container starting with a theme, a message, one piece of content, and ongoing creations from there.
  • Systems to utilize and examples of what your weekly marketing might look like for you.
  • Hot seat opportunities will be available if time permits!

What I’ve realized over my 10 years of teaching people how to market themselves is they’ve gotta wanna show up for it, too. 

I’m not a “do as I say” consultant. 

When we work together, you get strategy, tactics, insight and feedback. 

And all of the above are delivered in a way that works for you, and only you. 

People still buy from people – that hasn’t changed. 

Relationships are built on trust, and trust takes time to build – that hasn’t changed either. 

What’s changed is that business owners are no longer going to show up in a way that isn’t aligned to them, and their audience isn’t going to be attracted to their offerings unless they feel completely aligned to it too. 

We’re all motivated by alignment now. 

So, let’s create a plan of action that you can stick to. 

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