I'm Building a Movement

I’m Building a Movement around Business Marketing with Integrity

If you’re anything like me, you went into business for yourself because you felt it was your calling. 

✨ You felt called to transform the lives of others in a big way through the thing that you do.

✨ You felt called to a life that would grant you time freedom, financial freedom, and maybe even location freedom. 

✨ You felt called to play with new and creative ways of expressing yourself, communicating about your work, and cultivating community around big ideas. 

Entrepreneurship allows you to create so much through the “bigness” that is you. 

But because we’re human, and we tend to get lost in the details, in the day-to-day, and in the dollars and cents of it all, we sometimes keep ourselves, our businesses, and our outlook… small.

💖 We forget that our bottom line is service. We are serving those who are just like us in so many ways and who seek the healing, transformation, or roadmap that we have achieved for ourselves.

💖 We forget that our purpose is bigger than us. It’s not even about us! We were given this mission, this purpose, this sense of direction for a reason. It didn’t just fall in our lap; we were guided here. And, if we’re tuned into that power, we’ve got the wind at our back.

💖 We forget that we are so much more than our businesses. Yes, we give life to our businesses through our voice, our time, our attention, and in turn, our businesses sustain us. But, we are multidimensional beings who do not belong in perfectly square boxes. We are more than that.

If this email does anything for you, let it be a reminder of how big you are. 

I’m writing this because recently I’ve realized – I’m building a movement. 

Not just a business.

And I better start showing up like I am! 😉

My movement is centered around the meaning of soul’d. If you’re new around here, check out thisthis and this to get a deeper understanding of what it means to be soul’d. 

But here’s the gist:

🔥 I’m building a movement of people who are marketing themselves with integrity. 

🔥 I’m building a movement of people who are messaging in a way that is truly reflective of the actual transformation they provide. 

🔥 I’m building a movement of people who are monetizing themselves in a way that honors their multidimensionality. 

This is selling with soul. 
Sold, but with soul. 

So how do you jump on this ride and let your integrity lead the way in how you market your business?

I have a Masterclass coming up on Monday, February 12 at 11am CST. 

In it, I’ll teach you how to create the structure to support your marketing flow. 

What will we do in this space together? Here’s what I plan to teach and show you:

  • How to structure your very own weekly Creator Day. (This is where you prep your marketing for the entire week ahead!)
  • Step by step suggestions for your Creator Container starting with a weekly theme, a message, one piece of content, and ongoing creations from there.
  • Systems to utilize and examples of what your weekly marketing might look like for you.
  • Hot seat opportunities will be available if time permits!

If you’re feeling the “bigness” of your business coming through, it’s time to strap in and learn how to create a marketing plan you’re actually going to want to commit to. 

What I’ve realized over my 10 years of teaching people how to market themselves is they’ve gotta wanna show up for it, too. 😉

*And if you’ve attended a Masterclass in the past, this one is entirely different!

I’ll see you there.


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