The Inner Work of Modern Entrepreneurship

Ohhh, the deeper inner work that modern entrepreneurship requires!

Recently, while deep in breathwork, and very much looking into some personal patterns of mine, I heard my inner child say:


And I’m laying there like… “That’s not what I heard. That’s not what I heard. That’s not what I heard. That’s not what I heard.”

Trying to maintain my cool demeanor, I decided to look deeper into this…

“What do I recall as a child that may have created fears around entrepreneurship?”

That was easy to answer, and it looked like lots of pressure, stress, blame, criticism, self-loathing, existential crises and more. 


Lots to unpack here. 

However, if you know me, you know I do things a little differently. 

So, I asked myself “What can I do differently to show her/myself that business ownership will be different with me? How can I make her feel safer with me as a business owner?”

Fortunately I came up with some interesting ideas. Many of them were very specific to my routine and daily life, but a few of them were general enough to share with you: 

  1. Know your limits. Honor them. 
  2. Fill yourself and your “losses” up with love. 
  3. Always look for the bright side. The light is always there.

I’m working on moving through life (and business) with more love… leading with love. 

And speaking of leading with love… another round of my in-person Soul’d Marketing Workshop Series is just around the corner, beginning in March. 

I’ve amped this one up. Because I want this to land for you. 

My workshop series now includes access to the online self-study program, a spot during all 4 live sessions, and an entire month of 1:1 email support, from March 1 through March 31.

That means, you’ve got me as your personal marketing consultant for the entire month. 

And not only that, those who sign up for this round will get a taste of the monetization side of my offerings. 

So, together, in a small group, we will:

  • Create messaging that truly reflects the actual transformation you provide. 
  • Create a marketing plan that is made with integrity so that you are not compromising your energy, boundaries, or wholeness.
  • Begin to create a monetization strategy that honors your multidimensionality. 

Enroll here. Space is limited to maintain a small group dynamic.

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