Earth Day - 5 Sustainability Tips for Business Owners

5 Sustainability Tips for Business Owners this Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Today I’m sharing 5 tips as to how you can celebrate Earth Day by making your business more sustainable.

Business Sustainability Tips

  1. Reduce, reuse and recycle. When I hosted my workshops in the not-so-distant-past, I would print lots of fully branded workbooks and worksheets for my attendees so that could leave with beautiful materials and notes from class. Not anymore. Now I’m all about digitizing all of my workbooks and worksheets, and I encourage my students to bring their laptops to my workshops so that they can take notes and keep them all in one place on their computers. This leads me to my next tip…
  2. Go digital. You can store anything on the cloud these days. Instead of taking up physical space and dealing with file folders and organizers, keep it all on your computer! You can simultaneously save space in your home and reduce waste in the world. Proposals, contracts, invoices, tax forms all have digital counterparts. You’ll never lose anything if you know where to find it online. 
  3. Commute smarter. This is easier for someone like me who lives in the city – we really don’t need a car! But this refers to my business needs too. My one-to-one meetings can happen face-to-face but via Zoom. I don’t have to travel to work every day, so I will likely continue using video conferencing to maintain my one-to-one commitments to my clients. Luckily if I do have to commute anywhere, we do have access to public transportation, and I personally love to walk around outside.
  4. Use green-certified office products. Manufacturers of office supplies have introduced a variety of “green” products to the market, such as recycled paper, sustainably-harvested wood, natural ingredients, and more. Buying these products reduces the environmental impact of your business operations. You can take this a step further by buying from local or employee-owned companies to contribute to social sustainability as well.
  5. Consider working with like-minded companies. Nowadays it’s easy to find out what a business stands for. This about this as both a consumer AND a business owner. Work with companies that are taking steps to reduce their environmental impact or support communities that are important to you. 

There you go! I just gave you a bunch of ways to integrate sustainable tips to make your business more environmentally conscious. Take a moment today to give back to the earth in some way – it has given us everything we have. Happy Earth Day to you and yours!

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