Are you a Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 Marketer? (+ 5 Disciplines to Marketing Mastery)

CGC - Are you a Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 Marketer?

Answer the following questions to find out which level marketer you are.

Think about the word “marketing” for a moment – what comes to mind?

  1. I don’t really know what marketing is and I don’t know why I need it.
  2. I think I know what marketing is, but I can’t stand it!
  3. I love marketing and I see it as my main way to be creative, reach my audience, and serve others.

Do you market yourself – either through content, email, social media, etc. – regularly? 

  1. I don’t really know how to begin marketing with content, email, social media, etc.
  2. I’m trying to market myself through these and other methods, but I’m inconsistent and have no plan in place.
  3. Yes – marketing is my outlet for creative expression and the only way for me to connect with my audience.

Where are you in your business when it comes to marketing right now?

  1. I have a fantasy of a successful business but no plan on how to get there.
  2. I think marketing is too complicated and I’d rather have someone do it for me so that I can just be the creative ideas person.
  3. My business is on a high growth track because I have a marketing plan in place. I’m always learning and testing new ideas.

If you’ve answered mostly with 1s, then you are a level one marketer. If you’ve answered mostly with 2s, then you are a level two marketer. If you’ve answered mostly with 3s, then you are a level three marketer.

Here are some brief descriptions of each marketing level:

Level 1:

Level one marketers don’t really know what marketing is and they don’t know why they need it. Their marketing savvy is pretty limited – they aren’t really sure what copywriting is, or what headlines are, or how to find conversion rates. They have a fantasy of a successful business but no plan in place to help get them there. Unfortunately, for a level one marketer, they are struggling to keep their business afloat.

Level 2:

Level two marketers think they know what marketing is but they can’t stand it. They think it’s scammy and slimy, and they resist it because they feel like they will screw it up. They secretly hope someone will just do it for them. Or, maybe they are trying, but they’re inconsistent and they feel like they’re spinning their wheels. Level two marketers are in pain. They have a lot of fear and resistance about marketing and it’s holding them back.

Level 3:

Level three marketers love marketing and see it as their main way to create positive change in the world. Marketing is their outlet for innovation and creativity and a way for them to connect with their audience. They’re always learning, always testing new ideas. They take any chance to improve their skills because they know there’s always more to learn. For level three marketers, their business is most likely on a high growth track because their marketing is the consistent cornerstone of their business activities.


The 5 Disciplines to Marketing Mastery

You can absolutely jump levels. If you’re at level one or level two, check out the five disciplines below, as following them will help you jump to the next level up. If you’re at level three, congratulations! The below disciplines will hopefully help you to create lifelong habits that will further your success even more.

Marketing doesn’t have to be scary or difficult or scammy. It’s just about practicing compassionate, effective communication.

Now, here are the five key disciplines that will help you become a marketing master.

  1. Discipline 1: Embrace marketing. Schedule at least two hours a week to improve your marketing skills.
  2. Discipline 2: Practice copywriting. Write headlines, teasers, service descriptions, etc.
  3. Discipline 3: Connect with your market consistently. Have real conversations with real people. Be a marketing detective for your business.
  4. Discipline 4: Notice what works and do more of it. Track conversion rates, and pay attention to what gets you results.
  5. Discipline 5: Continue your education. Take courses, go to seminars, read books, read blogs, listen to interviews, etc. Continue learning for the rest of your life!

And if you need more help than that? Check out my Empowered Marketing Program – designed specifically for big-hearted entrepreneurs that just want to get a handle on their marketing once and for all and watch their businesses thrive. 

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