Are You Persevering

Are you persevering?

I had the most interesting dream last night about persevering.

In the dream, I had to hold onto the side of a large ship with a bunch of other people in order to ride out a series of giant waves. It was scary for me at first, but then became fairly easy once I grounded my footing and allowed myself to move with the current. The people who chose to ride the waves (myself included) were rewarded. 

This dream doesn’t take a lot of interpretation to understand what it means, and I find it can be relevant to us all. I believe that it was a reminder to simply ride the waves of life. 

Are you riding the waves? Are you secure in your footing, flowing with the current, and trusting that you won’t let go? In other words, are you persevering? 

Whether you are just starting a business, in new territory or more seasoned, the current around you is always changing.​​ The waves of life will lead you in new directions, carry you far beyond your comfort zone, and even leave you feeling adrift, lost and “off the map.”

But you do have some control. You get to decide how you’ll ride those waves.

(And by the way, the L.I.F.E. Method helps you discover the how, so that you can be ready for wherever the tide takes you.)

Here’s going with the flow AND making some waves.

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