Being Soul'd isn't just a way of doing. It's a way of being.

Being Soul’d Isn’t Just A Way of Doing Business

Being “soul’d” isn’t just a way of “doing” things in business. It’s also a way of being. 

I stepped away from marketing my business for three weeks to take a vacation with my family, run a conference for one of my larger clients, and then take a mini break for myself. 

Stepping away was in integrity *for me.*

We get so caught up in what we’re supposed to do in business. 

We’re told we have to show up for it every damn day. 

We’re told that if we “disappear” for a few weeks, we’re letting people down. 

We’re told that building trust and authority means showing up perfectly in all that we do. 

We’ve gotten so lost because of this. 

Take it from me, as a recovering perfectionist, control freak and people pleaser, living up to these expectations that were placed upon me as an entrepreneur only hindered my growth and progress. 

Can you feel *safe* being in such integrity with yourself despite what others are doing around you? 

Can you feel so solid in your knowing that those innate instincts, cues and nudges are the most trustworthy source of your next steps?

It’s not easy, but it becomes easier with practice and regular awareness and attunement back to yourself.

Other ways to think about this:

  1. Am I discounting my services out of feelings of fear or lack?
  2. Am I posting this because it’s 9am on a Monday, aka “time to work?”
  3. Am I sharing this because I’ve got nothing else in the queue?
  4. Am I sticking to a marketing schedule and strategy that I actually enjoy? Or is it just filling up space and time?
  5. Is the energy that I’m bringing into my business forceful? Or am I flowing with what I’ve got, regardless of what it might look like on the outside?

By asking yourself these questions, you’re coming back to integrity with yourself. But you’ve got to be honest if you’re going to check yourself! Trust requires honesty. 

As we leap into the second quarter of the year, post eclipse season and during an incredibly powerful astrological week, dive deep into the integrity of your business. 

Here are a few ways I’m integrating what I’ve learned and discovered recently:

  1. I’m going back through the last few months of my journal – did an idea come up that I need to integrate into my life? What did I write down that I can finally act on? 
  2. What were the new connections or reasonings or epiphanies I was making during the last few weeks? And have I integrated them into my schedule, my habits, my reminders, my daily routine? 

Wishing you an abundant week full of exciting plot twists and miraculous breakthroughs.

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