Building a “Like, Know & Trust” Framework Part 1

Building a “Like, Know & Trust” Framework, Part 1

Today I’m going to talk about the most fundamental (and most fun) part of growing a business. It’s absolutely essential to your role as a business owner. What makes it so much fun is that it doesn’t even feel like you’re consciously growing your business. When done correctly, it doesn’t feel like you’re applying tactical strategies or analyzing consumer data or creating a unique selling proposition. It truly feels as though you are just being yourself, and putting yourself out there with nothing but authenticity, creativity and positivity. 

Like, Know & Trust

What I’m referring to is the “like, know & trust” factor. Meaning, you create a relationship with your ideal customer that allows them to like you, know you and trust you. And when they are able to do that, then they engage with you, and then they buy from you, and then they refer you. And all of a sudden you have this wonderful and established relationship with your audience that you’ve built simply by being yourself and having the faith and courage to create it. 

And that’s the thing about marketing. It doesn’t need to feel like marketing. Building this like, know and trust factor is marketing. It’s literally the definition of marketing. And I’m personally not a fan about the term marketing because it feels so data-driven and tactical, but it doesn’t have to be. You just have to be conscious of what you do, who you’re serving, and the solution you’re providing to a very specific problem. 

So how do you create this? Let’s go through each factor and talk about some ways that you can build this. 

Definition of “Like, Know & Trust” Framework

  1. Like: When we come across as likeable, what does that look like and feel like? Now, I’m not talking about being a people pleaser and being inauthentic. That’s not what this is. What I’m talking about is the ability for us to be seen in our best light, and to show up in our most authentic way that is also relatable. It’s about showing our true personality and feelings and even being vulnerable. It’s about being kind and thoughtful. It’s about sharing ourselves with the world in a way that sparks likeability with the people that matter to us. 
  2. Know: When we want people to know us, we want them to be able to see something that reminds them of us and instantly think of us. It means that they have the ability to feel as though they are friends with us. We want our audience to feel like they know us. When you know someone, what does that look like and feel like? It might feel like you’re comfortable with them. It might feel like you understand them and that you sympathize or empathize with them. And that’s what we’re doing here. So think about the ways that you can allow your audience to know who you are, what you stand for, what you believe in, what you value, and how you show up. Let them get comfortable with you and understand you so that they can feel like they know you.
  3. Trust: When we want to be seen as trustworthy, what do we do? Well for starters, we keep our word. We hold ourselves accountable. We show up when we say we’re going to show up. We walk the talk. We demonstrate consistency. We integrate customer service and the customer experience into everything we do. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. But above all, we are seen as people who are dependable, reliable and safe. So think about the ways that you can build a trust factor with your audience. And of course remember that relationships are built on trust and trust takes time to build. This is a process and a journey, like anything in life, and you need to respect and value that. 

So what are some ways that we can build like, know and trust? I’m going to identify six ways right now.

6 Ways to Build this Framework

  1. Be consistent. Show up as frequently as you decided that you will. Don’t disappear for months at a time. Keep yourself accountable with regular check-ins, calendar reminders, and whatever else you need to stay on top of it. If your business is your calling, you’re going to show up. In fact, you need to show up. 
  2. Be of service. You naturally promote yourself when you think about being of service first and foremost. Why? Because when you’re clearly communicating your solution to a problem, your audience will gravitate towards it. When you talk about your offerings, ensure that the messaging conveys service above all else.
  3. Be responsive and engaging. When you show up consistently, make sure you are also showing up to engage with those who are engaging with you. Respond to all messages, comments, and inquiries. Follow up when necessary. Directly communicate with those who are communicating with you and do so in a way that shows you care.
  4. Be an expert contributor. I’ve talked about this before, that we want to show up as contributors, not gurus, especially since there are many people out there with various opinions in your industry. This is about demonstrating your expertise as a contributor. Prove your authority through your unique messaging and approach and method. 
  5. Be generous with your messaging. When you put out content, freebies, resources and other materials of value that show your authority and knowledge, you are being generous and providing value right off the bat. The more value you provide, the more lives you touch, the more your soul calling comes to life. When you put value out there, focus on sharing the what and the why. Your paid products and services are the how. 
  6. Be yourself. This is a big one and also one that many of us tend to forget. Just be you, at your best, doing what you’re meant to do. Demonstrate your passion. Get personal. Show that you care so deeply about what you can offer people, and in return, you’ll prove that you are the one to someone who needs you. 

At the end of the day, marketing is all about building this like, know and trust factor with your ideal customers. So, when you think about marketing, think about it this way and perhaps it will feel less intimidating and also make you feel more inspired to put yourself out there in a meaningful and purposeful way.

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