Entrepreneurship: Is It Right for You?

CGC - Entrepreneurship - Is it Right for You

The first question you have to ask yourself is this: Do you believe that it’s possible for you to run a satisfying, meaningful, and profitable business?

If you answered yes, then you’ve just tackled the first step to becoming an entrepreneur. You know that you want the freedom and satisfaction that comes from using your gifts to make an impact in the world, on your own terms.

But this realization is just the first step.

Now you have to create that business. This is where the problems begin. Many of us have so many ideas, so many dreams, that we are unclear about which business we want to start. Or perhaps we know the overall idea of the brand we want, but we don’t know how to fit all the pieces together.

I’ve seen countless people struggle with this. I’ve struggled with it too within my own business. I had so many ideas, but it was so difficult for me to strategize how they would all fit together. Being unsure about which business to start and how to start triggers feelings of frustration, stress, and self-doubt.

Here are typically the core issues that many entrepreneurs struggle with:

  1. You may lack good ideas.
  2. You may have too many ideas, but you’re afraid to choose the wrong one.
  3. You may have one idea, but you’re unsure if it will work.

Struggling with any of these? If so, you’re in the right place.

Here’s what I’ve learned about entrepreneurship over the years:

  1. Being an entrepreneur requires a tremendous amount of clarity. There is a really great exercise on clarity that I’ve published HERE.
  2. If you’re going to be successful in business, you’re signing up to work hard. It’s a 24/7 hustle over an extended period of time to get to where you want to be. You can find various blogs with tips for how to get started HERE.
  3. In the beginning, you’ll likely work much longer hours for way less pay. This period can last from months to years.
  4. You’ve got to be mentally prepared for rejection and disappointment, which can also be coupled with frustration and self-doubt.
  5. And finally? No matter how smart and passionate and prepared you are, there are no guarantees that it will actually work out.   

Now, I’m not saying any of this to depress or scare you! I’m saying this to empower you.

There’s a lot of risk to entrepreneurship. But the rewards (when they come) are worth it all. Business is exciting. It’s an adventure that involves research, strategy, extreme perseverance, gut instinct, creativity, lots of action, and course corrections. You have to stay vigilant and flexible. You have to continuously challenge yourself and extend yourself outside of your comfort zone. Both you and your business will evolve as you go – there’s no such thing as “coasting” in business. There are no shortcuts or silver bullets. It takes a lot of courage, but also a lot of love for what you do and who you serve.

In order to start the right business, you have to understand and accept the rules of the game. So, do you agree to them?

While there are no guarantees that your business will work, there are ways to set yourself up for the best chance of success. There are tons of business and marketing programs online, but the Empowered Marketing Program and Workshop Series enables you to learn how to market yourself at your own speed in a way that you’re comfortable with. Programs range from one-on-one consulting, to small groups, to material-only. It’s all dependent on what you need and how you prefer to work.

If entrepreneurship is right for you, surround yourself with those that will support you. Get clear about your business vision. Take the necessary, but small, steps you need to take to build momentum (and profits) over time. And above all, make sure that you love your business, your customers, and the work itself. Once you do that, you’ll be well on your way to owning and running a business you love.