How Do You Embrace Uncertainty?

One of my biggest challenges in my growth in every role I have as a wife, mom, business owner, individual, etc., has been releasing control (aka embrace uncertainty) – of outcomes, circumstances and plans. 

Long ago, I’d get confused when people would tell me to embrace the uncertainty of life. It didn’t make sense to me. I thought they were the foolish ones, and boy, was I wrong.

Eventually it would start to make sense… that the hope of creating certainty in my life was an illusion, and it was only making life more stressful, worrisome and difficult. 

Embracing uncertainty doesn’t mean that you can’t make plans, or create a strategy, or envision a dream outcome. It simply means that what we make, create and envision is set within an atmosphere of unpredictability.

Perhaps embracing uncertainty looks like waiting for inspiration to strike. 

Maybe embracing uncertainty looks like being more present, rather than being in the past or future.

It may be that embracing uncertainty looks like engaging more with what truly matters – yourself and your loved ones. 

How do you embrace uncertainty? Or, how can you?

In my last and final live training of the year in my private group on Facebook, I’m going to share ways in which you can embrace uncertainty and ALSO share why doing so actually leads to successful outcomes more often than not.

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