How Embracing Uncertainty Can Help You Succeed

Embracing uncertainty doesn’t mean that you can’t make plans, or create a strategy, or envision a dream outcome. It simply means that what we make, create and envision is set within an atmosphere of unpredictability.

When you allow yourself to embrace uncertainty, you welcome success. You’re making yourself comfortable with the innate discomfort of risk taking. As an entrepreneur, you are taking a risk by choosing to believe in your abilities to provide for yourselves and your family. The first question I want you to ask is this: How has the fear of the unknown stopped you from taking certain actions? And on the flipside, how can you completely give up the security of the known?

In this video, we talked about:

  • Why embracing uncertainty is such a major part of my life right now,
  • 3 ways to practice embracing uncertainty, and
  • What I’ve got in store for you (only in the group!) over the next few months.

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