Map Out Your Marketing for the Month Ahead Masterclass

Launching Now: Map Out Your Marketing for the Month Ahead Masterclass & New Video Series

I don’t know if it’s this season of life, something in the cosmos, or the “back to routines” vibe, but I’m feeling the itch to put my big picture vision onto paper and start mapping out a plan to make it happen. 

The New Soul’d Series

The itch to start a video series has been around for awhile now, as I haven’t made any videos (aside from Reels) since 2021. With the momentum of my offerings building, I decided it was time to dive back in.

Here’s an introduction to my new video series – what I’m doing, what got me here, the gap I see/fill in the marketing industry, some new offerings that fill this gap (rolling out this month!) and more!

The Monthly Masterclass

A few days ago, I received the inspiration to host a monthly masterclass hyper-focused on mapping out our marketing strategy for the month ahead. 

So, in just a few weeks, on Friday, September 15 (conveniently the New Moon), I’m going to help you map out the rest of this cycle.

For just $44, join me for an hour-long call dedicated to helping you utilize my plug-n-play marketing strategy template and month ahead calendar to heartfully craft your marketing plan for the month ahead.

On the virtual call (which will be recorded and sent to each attendee), I will help you map out:

  • Your magical marketing message of the month (based on what you’re selling),
  • Aligned words and phrases that will help make your marketing magnetic, 
  • Topics, themes and talking points you’ll want to address in order to sell with soul,
  • Daily outreach initiatives based on platforms you’re using,
  • Actions necessary to elevate your marketing strategy even more. 

For $44, you’ll know how to market yourself for the rest of the month!

Space is limited. Save your spot. 

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